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  1. Re: Haris Duljević-remember the name He will play for FK Sarajevo in next season, they have ambitions to win the league so it's a good transfer for him. He is good, but not as much good as it was expected. His teammate from Olimpic, Amer Gojak(born 1997), completely overshadowed him.
  2. Thread about him already exist.
  3. Re: Erik Lamela or Lucas Moura Lucas isn't fantastic in PSG, but he isn't bad, he have solid number of goals and assists. In the other hand, Lamela is complete flop in Tottenham.
  4. Re: Leon Goretzka 428vNTBwBQ4
  5. Re: Thauvin He kinda looks on pitch same as Nasri during his period in Marseille.
  6. Re: The New Players Thread Amer Gojak.
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