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  1. Who should I sell between James Rodriguez and Kevin de bruyne?
  2. Who should i sell between matthias ginter or phil jones? eric dier or calum chambers? thanks
  3. how good is koke? what peak can he reach? i have never seen him playing so don't know his abilities
  4. How much is stable modric 94? Last year He had a lot of injuries.... I am thinking in replace my xabi alonso for modric
  5. You hit exactly the point. if in the game world you can not compete with your small team against the top teams it is obvious that I will try to take the management of team already big (real madrid' date=' barcelona chelsea manchester united bayern monaco etc) and so small teams remain unmanaged, the world game goes empty (indeed in game worlds now only 10% of the teams are managed). This makes the game boring and not competitive as equal at least the 80% of the players want to have the possibility to extend the stadium. in a democracy the majority decides, because it is impossible to reach
  6. Most of the forum wants, try to do a Poll, there you will find the truth
  7. It's not much fun when after much effort - scouting young, wait for risings, buy and sell player also for a small gain - finally you make a competitive team, with perhaps 90 of average rating . But here the trouble begins, you can't continue to grow with your team, you can't buy top players because your small stadium does not support high wages. It is not funny, is very frustrating and unhappy that you can not continue to grow in your project to become a top team ----------- I am shocked by how SM developers ignore the request of EVERYONE on the forum to allow the development of the stadium fo
  8. There are two major points incorrect: 1) stadium building It is essential for a small team that can increase earnings through the attendance of spectators. Otherwise no small team can never recruit top players and compete with the top teams. So it's crucial to have the possibility to expand the capacity of the stadium 2) NO to concerns that can devalue a player In this http://forum.soccermanager.com/forum/sm-worlds/soccer-manager-game-development/suggestions-improvements/5096765-squad-sizes-player-hogging-free-agents topic ALL MANAGERS, ALL, were opposed to the possibility that the preocc
  9. What about ferreira Pepe? Stay/drop/rise/What?
  10. jese from real Madrid, should sell or keep? always few minutes in blancos, never play as a starter i can use his 5 mln deal (+10 already in bank) for signing Marquinhos
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