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  1. Honestly 255 ??? What squad in the modern world, including the loan kings like Man City, Chelsea have 255 players in the real world. There should be a limiter when creating or at the beginning of season. I have a league with about 3 clubs have over 120 each so that limits the rest of the league have limited players to choose and the knock on is no one else wants to join the league due to lack of movement.
  2. Can i ask why there is not a limiter on the squad size to prevent one large club from holding all young players for example. I have a game world which has over 20 players but at least one club has 100 players plus, one even has 147 players. They dont all get unhappy due to loans and rating, why can this not be limited to say 50 as you have a min squad size of 21.
  3. Re: Custom Setup Requires Managers New League just about to start called Next Gen League ID 154738 It is an U-21 league with every club having a squad of no players and 120 million to spend. There are a few big name teams available, instead of having normal Real Madrid, Bayern Barcelona, Porto etc i have change it to their B sides, most of the current Next Gen Series clubs are there along with other well known and not so well known ones
  4. Re: Custom Setup Requires Managers I have a few leagues who need some managers to play, some decent teams and some decent players still available 1st Huggy Elite League ID 14972 Only major rule is 50 million spending limit 2nd Huggys Fantasy Football League ID 106627 Only Major rule here is 92 rating limit for purchases. 3rd Ezekiel 25:17 ID 142680 Only Major Rule here is 89 rating limit for purchases This league has 5 leagues 100 teams most of which are american both north and south continents.
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