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  1. Mbappe doesn't need Neymar to be a great player! He's better off without him
  2. Is an increase for Alex Sandro likely at all?
  3. I don't know much about Nicolas Pepe, is he worth keeping?
  4. Keeps happening to me this week! Doing my head in!! Load of crap
  5. The other option is Fabinho and Joao Felix for Koulibaly
  6. Thoughts on this deal please guys Fabinho and Joao Felix for Salah (I have Salah)
  7. Careful....you risk sounding like a bitter Man U fan 😉
  8. Never sell Mbappe! Especially for a deal including a defender. Strikers will always do so much more for you in a game.
  9. Kepa 91 but Pickford only goes to 90!!! Why has Kepa been given 91 for half a season in the Prem? Doesn't even feature for Spain!
  10. Coutinho to 94 is a joke! Just goes to show how much the SW boys love Barca and Real Madrid! He basically got +1 for joining Barcelona! He had nothing like the season Salah had and they are both the same rating!
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