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  1. Think so? he's been great going forward for us this season, and well defensively barca hasn't conceded much (mostly thanks to Umtiti and MATS but still) *edit* just checked, 1 goal, 5 assists in 12 matches in the league, Just 1 assist off his best ever tally for a league season already.
  2. dont think he should, but maybe. Unlikely tbh, he's a rotation player, doubt he can maintain his current form and continue getting enough minutes
  3. Whoscored isn't a be all and end all, let's also consider the quality of opposition and role in a system here. I also consider Coutinho a more direct player, but personally as a barca fan I'd take Eriksen over Coutinho every day of the week and twice on sundays. EDIT: Might I also add, that whilst stats are important, they may not directly correlate to one player being better than another. Because there are other elements to the game besides that which directly leads to a goal. Even for attacking players. Salah and Insigne had better numbers than Hazard last seaso
  4. also read something somewhere, Icardi has 15 goals in 48 shots, which is a pretty amazing conversion rate almost a goal every 3 shots. Consider Kane (whom i love) has 9 goals from 71 shots in the prem. I have to confirm these stats but im 90% sure they're accurate
  5. you never know with SM, if they're consistent, yes but i feel it's too soon for both of them. Spinna didnt deserve that 89 at all but torreira would to some extent (given Pulisic's rise as well). Fingers crossed for Jorginho 92, constantly overlooked (partly because Sarri rests him a lot/he has a good deputy in diawara)
  6. +1 to 92 for now but definitely has a good shot at 93 at the end of the season if he keeps up that form
  7. he's been better than Coutinho EVERY SEASON and yet coutinho is rated higher than him. All hype and flair. More than deserving of a 93
  8. Any thoughts on Savic of Atletico rising? -Edit- their defense actually hasnt been horrible, they just havent been creative and can't convert chances.
  9. technically if Puli and philip got 89 i feel like Oyarza should get 90 lol, but 89 is fair for him atm...
  10. Because he's starting for such a strong PSG side he'll probably get 91 not always sure what you're gonna get from him though
  11. Doesn't mean Winks is better, spain's national team has a ton of depth and Rodri could end up moving from there I don't think you can go wrong with either. Long term i think Rodri may be better. Winks is the faster riser though. Also... Oyarzabal needs to be here. Look at his stats this season
  12. I was thinking baked with cheese but that works too
  13. yep the rate they're going at... 2 days for roma 2 days for juve Christ sake
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