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  1. Re: Another New League Advert..... Last few premier league clubs remaining ....... including Blackburn (if you fancy a challenge) and Boro, plus a couple of others No transfers have been made so all players still up for grabs as of Wed 17th!!!
  2. Re: Another New League Advert..... Man City also available
  3. Re: Another New League Advert..... If anyones interested there are still teams left.... Blackburn Bolton Fulham Middlesbrough Portsmouth Sunderland Tottenham Wigan plus most of 2 and 3rd divisions!! No transfers made in the league so all players are still up for grabs until Thursday!
  4. Ive created a new League if anyones interested... - 3 Divisions of the English League - Unrestricted Transfers - Initial Private Application - higher reps encouraged - Favoured teams encouraged i.e. if you are a Sunderland fan and PM me you can have Sunderland. - Open to public after Thursday 18th Dec. NB. NO TRANSFERS ALLOWED UNTIL THURSDAY 18th Dec 2008 however.... (so its a fair game and nobody gains an unfair advantage by having become a manager early and getting Torres to Old Trafford for example!) Transfers will become unrestricted from Thursday onwards........all applications acc
  5. Re: 3-5-2 not working well anymore???? I agree 3-5-2 is not as effective as it used to be against 4-4-2, used to win all the time but now its around 50%. I think a lot of managers have moved to 3-4-1-2 which seems to be the new 3-5-2.......
  6. Re: Ignoring Transfer Bids - suggestion for improvement. Why has the problem pretty much died????? Why is auto accept horrific?? nobody has provided a sound argument to say it would be bad apart from - its not realistic? - it takes control away from a manager? If you put someone on a transfer list (and only in the case of Transfer Listed players) then expect people to bid!!! If you dont accept/reject them then why put them on the transfer list it just frustrates!!!! If the bid provided meets the chairmans valuation and the seller doesnt respond for a period of time (e.g. 2 weeks or ev
  7. Re: Ignoring Transfer Bids - suggestion for improvement. They should reject the offer within two weeks otherwise the transfers goes through! Two weeks is an eternity in SM.......
  8. Re: Ignoring Transfer Bids - suggestion for improvement. Ebay for transfers, cool idea!!!
  9. Re: Injured players being transfered! But having the option at the point of completion isnt a big problem is it???? Appreciate what you are saying about checking regularly but I dont see a problem with ensuring that you want to go through with a transfer at the point of completion for long term injured players...... ....the game is helping you by double checking you want to go through with it.... thats all. Your suggestion above changes nothing, the double checking suggestion just acts as a double check, not a big issue either way really but I for one would appreciate the game just chec
  10. Re: Transfers - Medicals and Clauses I think you have two subjects in one thread Medicals are covered in the transfer injured players thread, and its not a bad idea. Clauses make some sense but they should be limited to loan backs e.g. buy a player and loan them back to the club for a year, buy back clauses e.g. sell them and have an agred buy back price and games played transfer fees etc. Maybe change the thread to just clauses??
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