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  1. Anyone else notice their teams formations get changed during a game automatically even though it wasn't set up to do so? I had a 4-4-2 setup and at 45 mins on it was changed to a 5-3-2, I had no instructions set-up bar subs at 75 minutes no matter what the score was. I also had a problem last game where I used auto pick to swap in players for tired starters before a game and the assistant still changed my lineup during the game for no reason. I think it was some bug with substitutions, I had subs setup from the old GUI and for 2 games had this issue. I think it may be fixed as they added a proper substitutions tab in the tactics section the other day, I re-made my subs in the new GUI and everything worked ok for tonights game. Curious if anyone else had this?
  2. Re: Liga BBVA Ratings Predictions thread RODRIGO, Moreno, ALCÁCER, Paco, MUSTAFI, Shkodran Any chance of a +1 for any of these three?
  3. Re: Serie A Rating Predictions DARMIAN, Matteo and PERÌN, Mattia, any chance of a rise for either?
  4. Re: Bundesliga Ratings Discussion Surely Marco Hoger should be getting a +1 to 89? HERRMANN, Patrick +1 to 90? NORDTVEIT, Havard any chance of a +1? NEUSTÄDTER, Roman & REINARTZ, Stefan any danger of a drop?
  5. Re: Buy, Sell or Keep Thread? I'm in a very competitive GW. I have the chance to sign Julian Brandt plus one of of either Gianluca GAUDINO or Donis AVDIJAJ, which should I go with?
  6. One thing that I've found very annoying in custom game worlds where you can't buy from unmanaged is all the unmanaged teams put players up for sale and you can't buy from them. It gets very annoying when your browsing the TL and see a decent player and then see their at an unmanaged team. Could an option be added to the transfer list search to "display from managed clubs only" you could also have option to show from unmanaged only too for GWs where you can buy from unmanged as well.
  7. Alberto PALOSCHI, now at Chievo Verona permanently, worth getting, much scope for rising?
  8. Re: Buy, Sell or Keep Thread? Alberto PALOSCHI, now at Chievo Verona permanently, worth getting, much scope for rising?
  9. Re: Squad Caps/Limits For Custom GW's Ok I've tried to post twice but it's not showing :/ Anyway youth caps would work as long as a first team cap was there too. If your first team is capped at 30 players and youth at 20 players, if someone has a full youth team at 20 and moves another young player to their first team it will take up a precious space on their first team cap of 30
  10. I'm in a custom GW and whats started happening is the bigger clubs have ended up stock piling massive first teams and hoovering up every young prospect that appears, leaving the mid to small clubs struggling to get in good players. Some clubs have 200+ youth players, its crazy I think if there was an option in custom GWs for each team to be limited to a certain number of players in their first team and youth team it would benefit everyone as it would leave more players spread out and available and larger clubs would have to be wise about who they sign, rather than hording good players who never see game time. I'm not saying everyone would want the option, but it would be very useful to have. If you put in a simple "Enable Squad Caps" "First Team Max Player Limit" Minimum is 21, so say a drop down menu with 30 to 100 in increments of 10 "Youth Team Max Player Limit" A drop down menu with 10 to 100 in increments of 10 Or if that wouldn't suit, maybe a simple overall squad cap, that could be done in from 30 to 100 in increments of 10 again, depending on how challenging a GW owner want a world to be. It would allow for manager to decide if they wanted a bigger first team vs youths, etc.
  11. Re: The Minor Improvments Thread 1. Can we please add an external only option when using the search player function. 2. When searching the transfer list can an option be added to display players from managed only clubs. I'm in a custom game world where you can't buy players from un managed clubs and the transfer list is filled with players you can't even bid on. 3. Restrict the chairmens influence in regards to loaning out players. I have a first team made up of 87-89s but he won't let me loan out some 85's I have!!! Maybe just stop him preventing loans altogether. 4. Restrict chairmans player valuations when it comes to p/e deals. For example I was trying to make a deal for a good 89 by offering an old 89 and an 85 rated 22 yr old and couldn't bid because of my chairman crazy valuations, especially the younger player.
  12. I was looking at reserving a team but when I went to pay it says We are reserving Bayer Leverkusen in German Championship 8454 for you for 15 minutes. You will need to add some SM Credits Does that actually mean if you pay to reserve a club it's only held for 15 minutes once the game world opens?!
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