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  1. how do I report the post????
  2. I got no idea why they are being derogatory to me, aslo they are insulting to anyone new joining that world, and considering I've been in that world for 8 years i prefer not to leave, so guess I have to deal with the insults
  3. To be honest I wasn't sure where to go with this problem in my world, you see in the News feed part of the world there is alot of inappropriate language directed to myself and I'm getting pretty sick of it So im needing of some advice of what to do about these players in this game world
  4. I'm gald im not the only one
  5. this has probably been answered in the past, but how long can a manager be away from playing this game, until the team and players become available for others to manager or to buy the players off that team.
  6. Re: The Race to reach 90 - Edition #3 I think i'm going to pick , Andrija BALIĆ rating 76 the 16 years old who plays for Hajduk Split
  7. Re: New Improvements for once i had to complain, i cant see the new players and more importantly on the tactics screen I cant see the left hand side of my team, everything seems to be overlapping, and very messy overall
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