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  1. 33 minutes ago, sharkdan said:

    Sorry, I didn't express well my question;

    I can't loan out these players because my president doesn't allow it, what are the rules about loans and why can't I send them out even if I have lots of stronger players? 

    Despite SM trying to hide certain things/like not being clear, pretty much everything is formulaic.
    1. If you want to loan out a GK, you need to have in your squad (not including loans in or out), at least 2 GKs of HIGHER rating than the one you want to loan out.
    2. If you want to loan out an outfield player, you need to have in your squad (not including loans in or out), at least 18 outfield players, (i.e. not GKs) of HIGHER rating than the one you want to loan out.
    Things that DO NOT MATTER.
    • Your squad size; 24 players in your squad is the same as 44 players in your squad, SM doesn't care (as long as loaning out a player doesn't result in you dropping below the minimum squad size
    • How many players you have in your squad of THE SAME rating as the one you want to loan out. Even if you have 15 players of the same rating but only 17 players rated higher, the chairman will not allow the loan to happen.
    • How many players you already have out on loan
    • The rating of a player - so long as you have enough higher rated players in your squad, you can loan that player out, meaning someone might be able to loan out a 92 and someone else will not be able to loan out a 78
    • Club size/name/reputation. SM doesn't care
    • Player name/reputation/potential. SM doesn't care
    • How many times a player has been loaned out already; the player might start to get concerns for being loaned out too much, but the system will allow it
    • Basically, anything else you can think out that has nothing to do with how many players you have in your squad rated higher than the player you want to loan out
    That's about it really! One easy test, if you can't be bothered to count your numbers, is to try and put the player on the loan list. If you can, the chairman will allow the loan to go through (at that point in time), if you can't he won't.
    N.B. Being on the loan list does not mean a player will go out. It means that when the player was listed, he could move, but if ratings/player numbers in your squad change, then the chairman may then block a move from happening.
    Tip: If you play to loan out multiple players, start with the lowest rating player and work your way up. Also, once a player has already left on loan, you're safe, and it doesn't matter if he even would be the highest-rated player in your squad, the loan will not be ended and the player recalled by your chairman!
  2. Just about to start our 4th Season, we have recently changed Owner and have a brand new admin team, great and fun active world and currently we have some good div2 teams available. Also an activity facebook pages, so come and give us a try


  3. Why are they being derogatory towards you?


    I would say, just ignore them, or leave the GW. 2 best options there.


    I got no idea why they are being derogatory to me, aslo they are insulting to anyone new joining that world, and considering I've been in that world for 8 years i prefer not to leave, so guess I have to deal with the insults

  4. To be honest I wasn't sure where to go with this problem in my world, you see in the News feed part of the world there is alot of inappropriate language directed to myself and I'm getting pretty sick of it  So im needing of some advice of what to do about these players in this game world

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