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  1. I heard that Valenzuela played well last season for Columbus but he ruptured his ACL or something like that and is out for this season, but will probably get a +2/3 if you're financially desperate. BUY Tyler Adams. Deserves at least a 84 now, if he keeps up his form for Leipzig he'll be an 88/89 in just over a year. From what I've seen he is composed with the ball and makes good decisions, his long-range passing is a bit inconsistent however. Also, George Bello could be a very interesting long-term signing from the MLS. Was poor against Herediano but bound to get many opportunities this season since his competition for LWB at Atlanta is trash - Rahul, do you think there is any chance of a rise for Allan Cruz of Cincinnati?
  2. yes Iury (Zorya), Prevljak (Mattersburg), Brignola (Benevento) are worth looking into. A little on the expensive side for you however. Also, Tyler Adams is a must buy from MLS (deserves a 82), but if someone already has Sweat someone definitely has Adams. Order kind of makes sense as 5 of the bottom 6 teams in the East have been reviewed already (only after 3 games tho). SM should've reviewed them based off last season's standings though...
  3. Deserves a 88 but probably will only get a 87 :/ Also Cornet -87 please.
  4. After today's rise to 87 for Lautaro Martinez (probably mainly bc of his hype), could Pussetto reach 86, or would 85 be more realistic. thanks
  5. It's a decent strategy but you either need a lot of risers to compensate for the high wages or pray for a cash injection. in 1 GW my highest rated player is 89 and I still lose ~1.5m a week lol. 1. tough but Malcom 2. Bailey 3. I'd say so 4. SMS
  6. imo Richarlison is the best of the bunch. however Jorge will probably get a +1, Tousart will also probably get a +1 next review simply because he's the only 'defensive' midfielder at Lyon, and Diop could get a +1 should Toulouse avoid relegation
  7. would appreciate opinions on Matt Miazga
  8. I don't know enough about your situation to comment on it, I was commenting on your point that you thought somehow that all 'fake' deals get reversed (which obviously is wrong) Azpilicueta
  9. Fixed it for you. ex 1: Remember that Newcastle manager in your GW (30k) which sold his deadweight players to his other accounts for max cash? (if it wasn't obvious that they were cheating then it definitely was after the 5-10 accounts left together in quick succession) Only 1 deal was reversed out of around 5ish. And that guy is the same one who owns 15+ accounts in 106, shown in Steaua's above picture. Is he banned? No. Is he thriving? Yes.
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