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  1. Which leagues are likely to be reviewed next, and what are the chances of Columbia, Czechia, Romania & Ukraine being reviewed in the near future? Don't trust the SW recent data changes page anymore, couple weeks ago there were quite a bunch of MLS edits but no MLS review happened
  2. Looking at the numbers, I'd say: Redmond stay Vlasic +1 to 88 Friedl +2 to 85 Ansaldi stay Stindl stay
  3. A small rant... Was looking for risers who could make the jump from <=78 to 82 and took a look at the Israeli league and oh boy.... Players not reviewed since 2010. A large majority of under 25 starters / rotation players (I only looked at teams at the top half of the league) not on the database - even players with 3+ seasons of top flight experience don't exist in SM! examples: Muhamad Awad, age 23, 3201 top flight minutes, first team debut in 2016, not in database; Ofri Arad, age 21, 4100+ top flight minutes, not in database; Ali Mohamed Muhammad, age 24, 5500+ top flight minutes, not in database I know that the Israeli league isn't close to being the greatest league and their teams are rarely seen in the knockout stages (or even the group stages) of UEFA competitions, but given that leagues with slightly better UEFA coefficients (e.g. Norway, Sweden) and even worse coefficients (Poland) get their annual/biannual reviews, it doesn't make sense for the Israeli league to get 1 or 2 reviews a decade? Ultimately examples like this (in addition to the mishandling of larger league reviews) demonstrate the incompetence of SoccerWiki and the need for a complete overhaul of the system. #Sh!tLeaguesMatter
  4. Well if it's either Mumin or Atanga that would work too TIL that the Right to Dream Academy (kinda) owned Nordsjaelland - looks like they are doing an excellent job developing Danish and Ghanaian talent
  5. The Ghanaian in Denmark is definitely Kudus - haven't watched him play but have him in a GW so looking forward to the report! Thoughts on Bornauw? From what I've seen he's a solid defender but not sure if he'll ever surpass the 88/89 mark?
  6. At this point of time I'd say there's a higher chance of him dropping to 90 unless he makes a huge turnaround after La Liga restarts - Really really tough decision - Filip Stevanovic & Bobby Duncan or Hlozek? Hard to predict the futures of Stevanovic & Hlozek but who do you rate more?
  7. Took over Doncaster partway through Season 18 in July 2017 with the team stuck in the basement of Division 4 after some major neglect from the previous manager. The best players I inherited were Daniel Baier, Thomas Foket, and Gregory Sertic. It's been a long process but today Doncaster is in the upper half of Division 2 thanks to a mix of talented youth, experienced leaders... and 240 reserves. A big moment for the team occurred when I won the Pavard lottery a couple months into my tenure.. soon after, he thrived for Stuttgart and played a key role in France's World Cup journey. This allowed me to sell him for Milenkovic, Mount & Joachim Andersen. Through swings and roundabouts, these three players have been converted to: Telles, Cucurella, Ben White, Omur, Matviyenko, Emmanuel Dennis, O'Connell & Webster. I've made tens if not hundreds of internal deals during my time, some of which where I won greatly (Renan Lodi), and some of which where I got absolutely robbed (selling AWB for Mauro Jr., Oscar Rodriguez, Queiros & Christian Oliva - yikes). But it is what it is and these deals have allowed me to build up my ranks with interesting and viable players. I think that Sam Hinkie would be proud of my work. Nowadays, the team is led by Papu Gomez, Lorenzo Pellegrini, Telles, Djene & Pavlenka, backed up by a plethora of exciting prospects - some of the highlights include: Lodi, Bruno Guimaraes, Bennacer, Gabriel, Kabak, Almada, Hlozek & Fabio Silva. Looking into the future, the goal is to ultimately become a mainstay in Division 1, and to maybe even win a cup or two. I could see the team reaching this level within a year or so if everything works out. The process continues - here's to the next three years. --- Doncaster Rovers Progress from Season 18-25: Season 18 (D4): 17th, 36 points Season 19 (D4): 18th, 34 points Season 20 (D4): 10th, 56 points Season 21 (D4): 5th, 63 points - won promotion playoff Season 22 (D3): 15th, 45 points Season 23 (D3): 5th, 61 points - lost promotion playoff Season 24 (D3): 1st, 79 points currently, Season 25 (D2): 7th, 26 points after 17 games
  8. 8 months into the Barrow project and the club has literally gone nowhere.. lol. After taking over a team of turds, I decided to go through my usual strategy of selling everyone and replacing them with any player I can find with a pulse. Unsurprisingly, the team's results have not improved and Barrow are still stuck in the basement of Division 5. There is some hope with talents starting to emerge - hoping that the likes of Eze, Kudus & Mumin can continue to grow. And another positive is that the team's finances are starting to grow, hopefully this can allow me to sign talents (either externally or via new players list) on a consistent basis in the future. But for now, Barrow will continue to be the laughing joke of 7777. Next update will be in 2 years
  9. Take Sanches and run. Can't think of a single GW where any of the trio would have any resale value. Thoughts on the following: Fran Beltran, Marcao, Porro, Rogerio (Sassuolo) & Matviyenko - what are their long-term ceilings?
  10. I heard that Valenzuela played well last season for Columbus but he ruptured his ACL or something like that and is out for this season, but will probably get a +2/3 if you're financially desperate. BUY Tyler Adams. Deserves at least a 84 now, if he keeps up his form for Leipzig he'll be an 88/89 in just over a year. From what I've seen he is composed with the ball and makes good decisions, his long-range passing is a bit inconsistent however. Also, George Bello could be a very interesting long-term signing from the MLS. Was poor against Herediano but bound to get many opportunities this season since his competition for LWB at Atlanta is trash - Rahul, do you think there is any chance of a rise for Allan Cruz of Cincinnati?
  11. yes Iury (Zorya), Prevljak (Mattersburg), Brignola (Benevento) are worth looking into. A little on the expensive side for you however. Also, Tyler Adams is a must buy from MLS (deserves a 82), but if someone already has Sweat someone definitely has Adams. Order kind of makes sense as 5 of the bottom 6 teams in the East have been reviewed already (only after 3 games tho). SM should've reviewed them based off last season's standings though...
  12. Deserves a 88 but probably will only get a 87 :/ Also Cornet -87 please.
  13. After today's rise to 87 for Lautaro Martinez (probably mainly bc of his hype), could Pussetto reach 86, or would 85 be more realistic. thanks
  14. It's a decent strategy but you either need a lot of risers to compensate for the high wages or pray for a cash injection. in 1 GW my highest rated player is 89 and I still lose ~1.5m a week lol. 1. tough but Malcom 2. Bailey 3. I'd say so 4. SMS
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