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  1. WHO ARE YAH?? WORLD LEAGUE ID: 419180 Ideal GW for scout-loving managers. See your low rated team grow to become the most dominant one. Small and obscure teams, 150M budget, buy only rated 86 or lower, max bids of 10M. Currently in Season 1, Match 6!! So perfect timing to join. Clubs available: CD Puerta Bonita Birzebbuga St. Peters CS Blooming
  2. Thanks, mate, I will try... although there's not many managers I hope it gets better soon
  3. Hi everyone! After a long break, I'm back in SM Worlds, but this place looks pretty dead. Is there any chance to find an active group of managers to play with? (Whatsapp also suitable).
  4. Hi everyone!! I have requested Dortmund (handicaps make it interesting ) I hope you allow me to join, hmocc Regards!
  5. Some of the ideas are interesting, but I'm pretty sure that others can be a mistake. I agree with Cam Lucas about the improvement of external AI and disabling the option to pay for concerns, both great necessary ideas. About rate changes related to played matches... I think that is an unnecesary risk. Stable ratings related to real-life performances are one of the cornerstones of SM, one of the main ideas that give that game its essence. Changing it means transforming SM in a different game, and a lot of us love SM the way it is.
  6. It's a sad reality that SM is digging its own grave. I don't know if it will survive some months, a few years... But is impossible to manage a long-term business while you're ignoring your customer's opinions. The same egocentric mistake again... and again... and again.
  7. What to say... Just a new mistake of SM development team, in my opinion. I recognize that the old forum was a little bit outdated, but this new version i quite worse. I think "cold" is the word that best defines it. It turns very difficult to me to understand why are they focusing their efforts on this kind of irrelevant changes; if the target is to make the forum more enjoyable, there's loads of better options. Why not give more style/colour/shapes options to post? Why not to stablish an option to make automatic drafts (similar to the poll's one)? I've asked for opinions on Spanish Forum...
  8. Respuesta: Wl top. Liga mundial top
  9. Respuesta: Wl top. Liga mundial top From now, this will be the official thread for all the managers (Spanish, Italian and English Forum). The reason is to make the league more enjoyable and to connect the forums. Let's play!!
  10. Respuesta: Wl top. Liga mundial top Hi everyone! I'll be the non-official translator for complex topics in WL TOP. About changing teams... Danitz says: 1. I don't like at all your proposals about changing teams. The objective of a draw is to play with any team you receive. If any manager is unsatisfied with his team, he can leave it and choose one of the 40 teams that were left out of the draw. 2. Loaned players are property of the team that has loaned them out, not the one that receives them. So, if somebody wants to buy this player, he must try to make a deal with the owner. Thank you, a
  11. Respuesta: SM Worlds Suggested Improvements Discussion Another option about "high concerns / low rates" issue: I think that would be a better option to reduce value of a player when his level of concern rises up. Maybe including another variable in the ecuation of players' value. Example: Reduce 15% the value at level 1, 30% at level 2... Then, we would have the necessary "punishment" to those managers who accumulate players, but we dont create the chaos of changing rates in thousands of GameWorlds.
  12. Respuesta: SM Worlds Suggested Improvements Discussion I've found all the ideas really interesting, buy i don't feel really comfortable about lowering rates depending on concerns level. I know that we must fight against player hogging, but if you want to go on with the concerns issue, you must take in count some important facts: 1. Nowadays, it's difficult to understand when and why a player will develop a concern. I think it's important to give basic information to all managers (especially new ones) about concerns engine. 2. Sometimes it's not so obvious to know what player must pl
  13. Respuesta: ||Epic|| - You write your own destiny Hi! I'm interested at being a manager.
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