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    alex.b23 got a reaction from Neil1258 in Soccer Manager Worlds New User Interface   
    They should only be ashamed! They have ruined a wonderful game
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    alex.b23 got a reaction from thommo in Soccer Manager Worlds New User Interface   
    They should only be ashamed! They have ruined a wonderful game
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    alex.b23 got a reaction from Wildboy in Soccer Manager Worlds New User Interface   
    They should only be ashamed! They have ruined a wonderful game
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    alex.b23 reacted to Panathinaikos in Soccer Manager Worlds New User Interface   
    bring back the real soccer manager. this is unrealistic now.
    now if you have bigger rating team you will win 9 to 10 times. no surprises. lower teams lose with 5-6 goals in the most games. even barcelona, real madrid and bayern in the real life don't win all the time with these scores. and these consicutive wins is rediculus. in one World a team with 93 rating has 15 wins in a row in the first 15 games and 43-0 goals. this is rediculus.
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    alex.b23 reacted to metaphysical in Soccer Manager Worlds New User Interface   
    just lost to a United side playing Marcelo at LCB (got a 6), Hazard at RM (got a 7) and Cristiano at LM (got an 8 and two assists).
    is this a joke, Steven? that United side has basically faced no penalties at all for fielding out of position players all season (I mentioned it before). I mean, I thought you were going to get rid of abuses like this?
    mind you I don't think there's any sense to the new match engine. I conceded 5 shots on target and let us 4 goals, and Manuel Neuer is my goalkeeper. and this isn't an aberration because the last game he conceded 2 goals from 2 shots on target.
    UI changes are one thing, I can adapt to that, but when the game doesn't play right despite supposed changes (and given your ridiculous rating systems)... it honestly makes a guy want to quit. and I hate feeling like that, because I want SM to be fun. you know, like it used to be.
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    alex.b23 reacted to 恋次拓也 in Soccer Manager Worlds New User Interface   
    Since 6 or 7 days ago, new UI became slower & unresponsive. Many new bugs were more often happen than before. Yes, statistic view was repaired with adding more 2 digits in Avg & also assist field were filled.
    Here some problems that I've found :
    1. New UI became slower & unresponsive for all pages. The most annoying & slowest response was at Tactical page. I should wait ±5-15 seconds to get right response for all actions, including selecting/changing players, setting instructions like freekick, captain, etc. If not respond, then I should clicked it again & so on.
    2. My home, usually clubs sorted by registration/join time, and never change until we decide to quit from old club, and/or to join new club. Latelly in new UI, sometime it sorted randomly when we visit my home page.
    3. Renewing contract :
    a. Not seen a fast update of extended contract that signed in players data view, neither in Squad - Finance view, also in personal player's pages. I tried to reload the squad page & many ways, but it still didn't see player's contract duration was extended.
    b. Sometime haven't extended their contract, eventhough showing balloon message "This player has recently signed a contract". I need to extend from old UI.
    c. Often showing error message "Sorry an unexpected error has occured. Please try again", so I should try to click around 5-6 times, until new contract was signed.
    d. Annoying SLOW respond, if balloon message like "This player has recently signed a contract", or "Addes to transfer list : [Amount]" appear, then automatically bring me to personal player's page.
    4. Transfers-in page not showing exactly of all players that I've made bids. Example : I made bid for player "A", then "A" not showing in transfer-in's list. I should go to home page, then entering same game world again, in order to see that informations correctly.
    5. Newsfeed :
    a. For collapse bid's news often not show/update at newsfeed, but it show together with succesfull bid news (when players already move to our club).
    b. Responding an offer. In old UI, if you accepting an offer from 1 club, then offers from other clubs were collapsed automatically & update very fast in newsfeed. In new UI, other offers still showing respond button. I tried to open other tab & get back to newsfeed, and the result are an accepted & some (but not all) collapsed bid show, BUT also respond button still there.
    c. Due to slow respond in new UI, you "must immediately" make multiple action for deleting all messages & selecting multiple messages to delete.
    6. I also tried to play this anywhere with mobile internet. At some area, it was very hard to load. The worst part was to save tactics, it need more than 10-15 times or more to save it. In every pages, OFTEN shows a message error, "Sorry an unexpected error has occured. Please try again", and/or displays loading bar animation for long time but no finishing action (just loading animation only). Once again, the worst moment was in tactical page.
    Usually at that area, I can play quiet good enough with OLD UI. I'm suggesting, maybe you could give a solution for this matter, maybe like giving optional quality for display, or others, in order to decrease heavy loading of each page & to give some chance for many players who live with standard quality of internet access. Please consider about this!
    I believe many people at suburban/shore/other areas want to play this game. My friends at Asia, Australia, and others also have same problems their complaining about. We thought your new UI was not ready enough to be launched lively. Your new UI also made us to consume more bandwith, so for mobile players who live not in big cities couldn't play this game with smoothly.
    7. I support your effort to decrease cheaters or hogging users, but because of your new UI not light & often giving error message for mobile users. I manage 5 clubs, and it need so much time to manage a club. In our experience, it need lot of time & effort in renewing contract, then update transfer status, and worst case in tactical. In analizing other manager's team, to load their pages & their matches also need much time.
    The problem for NEW manager must login every 7 days. Would you extend that period into another week? We're considering this, because of we've job that often go to some places out of big city that not have good quality of internet access. Counting on mobile internet not good enough solution.
    My experience, was saved by OLD UI that I can work fast (1 day before I get to be kicked out from that game world). I think this matter will solve if your new UI was LIGHT & FAST like old UI. I can work with old UI in 5-15 minutes to manage a club, but now in new UI need an hour or more.
    But as you insist to phase out old UI & to continue using new UI, so please give a solution for login period for new managers? How long we should wait for STABLE version of your new UI?
    Beside the game couldn't play in relaxing mode again, but now really manage a team including finance, depth of squad, transfer market, tactical & etc.
    8. In tactical, I still see Playing Style. If that giving an effect in our playing matches, than it became BIG PROBLEM. I saw our last setting still applying in tactical section, but it can't be change again in new UI.
    9. Your match engine, we think some kind of unrealistic. Many matches win in very big gap, like 3-0 to 6-1. How could be some team so often winning in fantastic score like that & "UNBEATABLE" (maybe 20 or more winning strike). I'm asking to my friend, at least try with different formations & strategies, but the result were same. If this continue, than for small club with great strategy/team balance will never beat club with high rating players, and/or high club's rating avg. My question, how would you make competitive league if this continues? Club with low rating player only have small chance in winning a match. Again, with this new UI & match engine, do you make this game more realistic or fantasy?
    I'm hoping better performances from your new UI, that could make mobile gamers very easy & very smooth in play your game, without any bugs or errors again. I'm also hoping "LIGHT, STABLE & QUICK RESPONSES" could be 1ST PRIORITY to enhance your new UI.
    Else of mobile network at some countries, I also tested with broadband 2MB (standard home user's favorite choice), your new UI giving pretty slow responses, like I said above that the WORST part always in tactical pages & not easy to change players, and to save it. This situation very annoying, confusing & if I could said wasting time.
    Why? Because if we could manage a club in short time (5-15 minutes), now we need big much time to manage a club. Our focus also distract not just with heavy loading for each oage, but also with so much bugs & errors. My question, until when we could use LIGHT, STABLE & QUICK RESPONSES UI again (whatever your UI choice)?
    That's the fact & you better giving solution in "short time", because we were in running games. If a season only run in 3 months, this situation already run for a month. We were loss in everywhere whether in transfer strategy, in manage formation/strategy, and else. For me, my team's position were dropped into mid because of this situation. For business, this was very unprofessional. Please, we need quick solution, and not just a promise. Cheers
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