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  1. Re: New Dortmund team Final question. Is it worthwhile to sell Schmelzer and buy Azpilicueta, Ricardo Rodriguez (who could have a good world cup performance) or Alberto Moreno (who just won the Uefa Cup)?
  2. Re: New Dortmund team I forgot to mention Paul Pogba. I suppose that he is a better player than Sahin, assuming I would do the deal to swap (including some money, if applicable) Kuba for Verratti?
  3. Re: New Dortmund team Thank you all for the reply. It seems I can switch Sahin for Verratti, Cabaye or Strootman as well. Does any of these sound good?
  4. Dear all, I just became manager of Borussia Dortmund and I wish to know which of the following player I should get rid of in favour of others. The players in my team that I might sell are: - Nuri Sahin - Kevin Grosskreutz - Jakub Blaszczykowski The players that are available are: - James Rodriguez - Antoine Griezmann - Carlos Vela Thanks in advance
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