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  1. thanks tupac_healy, one more question keita or tolisso? many thanks!
  2. thanks tupac_healy, one more question keita or tolisso? many thanks!
  3. tolisso+zielinski or keita+bernardeschi?
  4. everyone thinks that eriksen should get 93? i think if coutinho get it, eriksen should get it too? how is the chance of him getting 93 by the end of the year?
  5. alli or lukaku? lukaku or eriksen? fabinho or belotti? please choose based on the probability of player that will get rise in the next review (end of 2017) Thanks!
  6. hi Sir Rahul, will Netherland league get review? which one is the best buy in terms of rating rise? Thanks!
  7. which one will you choose? bernd leno or roman burki? krychowiak or javi martinez? courtiois or oblak? manolas or koulibaly? griezmann or hazard? pjanic or thiago? I need help, Thanks a lot! @Sir Rahul
  8. Clyne or Florenzi? De Bruyne or Koke? Komapny or Thiago Silva? Many Thanks!
  9. Any chance of these players to rise in the next review? Jordi Alba, Ivan Rakitic and Junior Neymar Also is there 100 for El Messias =D Need an expert, Thanks!!!
  10. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Pogba or Gotze? How will be their ratings in the next review? Rise/Stay? Many thanks!
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