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  1. Hey guys, I know Adelaide United are hardly a top tier team, and their players aren't the most important going around, but it would be great as a supporter if, when I play as them, I could have the full squad of players. The following players are missing: Capped Bruce Kamau (M/AM/F®), ~74-76 (A-League games) Mark Ochieng (D/DM/M/AM(L)) ~72-74 (FFA Cup game) Uncapped (unsure whether these players get created prior to capping) John Hall (GK), ~72-74 (sits on bench regularly) Ben Warland (D(LC)) ~70-72 (part of senior squad) Dylan Smith (M©), ~70-72 (part of senior squad) Here is a handy link to the squad page, which can provide good quality photos (a few players are missing theirs in the database) The following players need slight adjustments to their positions: Sergio Cirio- listed as a AM/F(L), but has also played F© a few times this season. Craig Goodwin- listed as a D/DM/M(L), but has also played AM(L) a few times this season. The following players, I feel, need a slight adjustment to their ratings: Nathan Konstandopolous- recently added to the database as a 70, but has played 2 first team games, and for that alone you don't find worse than 75 playing in the A-League. 73-75 would be closer to the mark. Craig Goodwin- no worse than the majority of 79 players (Osama Malik, Nigel Boogard, Fabio Fererria). 79 would feel fair. Jose Cassio- rated 82, and was certainly that good 2-3 years ago. Been injured for almost all of those 2-3 season, and would be 79-80 territory now. Awer Mabil- the kid is better than 77. Will almost certainly play for Australia in the next 2 years, and has improved massively in the last year. 79-80 would be much more accurate IMO. Bruce Djite- very interesting here. He has been playing excellently the first few weeks of the season, after a spell of no injury. Unfortunately, injured pretty much every other week. However, when he is fit, he looks more of an 82-83 (yes, top 2 player in the squad). Marcelo Carrusca- Aside from his shocking miss last weekend, he is one of the best players in the league, let alone the side. The best players in the league are 86, and he deserves to be 84-85. If he wasn't 31, I imagine he would be a viable option for English Championship teams, or even the bottom three of the EPL. As I said, I know many people just turn their nose up at the A-League, but it's a competition, it costs me $25 to reserve a team in a GC, just the same as any other league, and deserves the same attention. Overall, I think all players in the A-League, and all Australian players, are under-rated by 1-2 points. Case en point is Mile Jedinak, he is 88-89 material, when you look at some of the other players with that tag, and Tim Cahill is still in the same bracket too, just look at his entire world-cup contribution.
  2. Am I the only person that thinks this league is a little under-rated in SM? The last few years soccer/football has exploded down here, and the results are starting to show in the A League- the competition and quality of players is getting better. The pre-season friendly games show that we are still farrrr from being competitive against top-league European opponents, but for the average team ratings to be around 80-82 seems a bit rough! I would have thought that it was closer to the 83-85 mark. When you consider how many players are playing in the Socceroos from the A League, and put up a competitive display against Chile, I think this needs to be adjusted as the whole league, not just individuals or teams. (PS, as an Aussie who follows the competition reasonably closely, would be happy to help with adjustments)
  3. Re: Simple Change to Club Lists I do realise this, however, it would be great to be able to change them to whichever order you like- game world ID, importance, etc. having GC421, 422, 424, 423, 420, frustrates me!
  4. Re: Simple Change to Club Lists I know this. I'd prefer to be able to order them by any way which I choose, such as importance, GW number, etc
  5. Hey guys, first post, so hopefully everything is in order. My slightly OCD side is driving me crazy now looking at my club list. I have joined a few GC worlds of late, and they aren't in order (ie, GC1, GC423, GC422, GC417). I know it seems like a minor thing, but it would be great if we could alter which order the clubs are displayed- for me, I might like to have them in world order, others might like to have them in importance order, etc. Not knowing anything about coding, it doesn't seem too hard a change to implement, and would make me feel a lot better every time I log in! (and, I imagine, help many many managers)
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