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  1. Guys i am admin of the above league and i now have this person playing twice Borussia Dortmund Member (135Level 8 - SM Elite for reputation between 125 and 149) diego schneider he also has Napoli as admin i thought i could remove him but cant find where to do it can anyone advise how i can do this many thanks
  2. Bought two clubs this AM Real Madrid, paid on my phone and got message back saying payment made. However those two clubs have not been added to my List or PENDING Clubs What do i do now???
  3. Re: Need Help Re Abuse Hi and thanks for getting back. Because of the delay in contacting Soccer Manager i had to let Police know and they came to my home and left with copies of private messages sent to me, however they were waiting now to see what Soccer Manager were going to do and see if you had removed from game etc. I will give you the people concerned if you could give me an email address i can send to. Many Thanks
  4. Re: Need Help Re Abuse Guys i take it no Admin on here or not around as i really need help over this matter
  5. Hi Guys Need help but nothing from forum, But last Weekend i was the victim of Sexual Abuse. This was Delivered by a Private Message from a Member Based in Portugal. I cant find the correct way to Report this disgusting Matter. Can anyone help. Kind Regards
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