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  1. Trying to renew my gold membership as its due to run out put money in my phone to renew it like I have always did, but went onto try and find the part where I renew it using my phone but can not find it anymore. Have they changed this and did they let people know about this?
  2. Yes It would be good to stop offers coming in, but on the new version I would just like to be able to accept transfers as I still can not accept or reject offers for my players but I can do it on the old version
  3. Game keeps crashing and still can not accept transfer bids, game has been totally ruined plus searching for players it keeps crashing and resetting every 2 minutes
  4. Now been banned from their twitter account for doing nothing but complaining and asking where to report the in game problem, what are they all about am telling you they better get this sorted or I will be visiting Preston if that is where they are based and raging with the way these clowns have treated me
  5. Would love to send them a message on Facebook but not a chance they will help ive been banned from 2 accounts when I was just asking questions what way is that to treat people posting their opinion and from what ive been reading I am not the only one who has been banned for just posting their opinion and I am actually raging at this as I never posted anything bad
  6. And I would also like to add since these new changes I can not accept or refuse bids that have been made for my players and others in my League are sorting their teams and squads out yet because of me not being able to do certain things I am being left behind and I am not happy about this at all
  7. Not happy with these new changes made to this game and I want to know how I get my cash back as I never paid for a games world or renewed my gold memebership to play this new version, I did it so I could play the older version. And I just finished a season and was getting things sorted for a new one selling players and making enough cash to buy other players which I spent a lot of time on and now I can not move for these players because the changes in value and yet the cash I have left remains the same. So can someone tell me who to contact about this as I am not happy at all spending my time
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