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  1. Really thinking of selling Tammy Abraham. Do you any of you suggest I keep him? I really don’t see him developing to great heights and being as good as a Dybala, Cavani or Suarez
  2. When do you guys reckon Hannibal Mejbri will be added to the Soccer Manager database? Also any opinions on Alexander Isak? Is he worth getting?
  3. Thank you very much, guys. The help is always very appreciated. Opinions on Rafael Leão and Moussa Diaby?
  4. So, I already have Sancho, Ousmane Dembele, Rashford, Gabriel Jesus, Mbappe, as well as Dele Alli and Van de Beek who can also play on attacking positions. Is there really a point in signing Mikel Oyarzabal? There’s not much as else I could spend the money on.
  5. Boubacar Kamara or Ibrahima Konaté? I think Ibrahima is actually injured for a few weeks, but if I’m going to get one now, which one should it be?
  6. Should I get rid of Ben Chilwell? I already have these Full backs; Lucas Hernández, Wan-Bissaka, Achraf Hakimi, Joe Gomez and Trent Alexander-Arnold, Reece James and Max Aarons. Also, do any of you think Joe Gomez has done enough to perhaps warrant a +1 or even +2?
  7. I’m going to assume Rashford is still due for an upgrade? Could that possibly happen tomorrow? Also, thank you to those who responded to my previous post!
  8. So I have a manager in my league who won’t let his Haaland or Rodrygo go at any cost, despite my efforts to convince him to sell. I have tons of young talent in my squad, really. But I can’t seem give up trying to get either his Rodrygo or Haaland. I have all the players Joao Felix, Camavinga, Foden, Pedri, Bellingham, Hložek, Kaback, Greenwood, Myron Boadu and Kubo. I have a youth team of over 50 players. Should I give up crying over spilled milk AKA his Haaland and Rodrygo or persist? At this point maybe I’m being a little selfish but I offered him my Varane for his Upamecano and he even refused that offer, which I found intriguing
  9. I would’ve thought those deals weren’t so bad... Umtiti is 26 and on the decline, this is indicated by his rating decrease. I mean Hakimi is playing very well consistently at Dortmund and could very likely replace Carvajal or Marcelo when he returns to Real Madrid. Surely Hakimi at only 21 still has development in him and is 3 years younger than Sané. And Joao Felix is struggling quite a lot, whilst Haland has hit the ground running. Could somebody in that case please explain why these deals are so bad?
  10. The deal for which I sold Umtiti for Rice has already been completed The deal which I swapped my Leroy Sane for Hakimi has been accepted. And my Joao Felix for either Haland or Tonali is an idea I haven’t yet acted on. Thanks to you all of you who have already responded, by the way. I have a very young team and I guess I came up with these deals thinking about the future and long term development of these players. Perhaps that was worth mentioning
  11. I do have to ask, despite the fact this probably isn’t the best thread, I know there is huge activity on this thread and I urgently need a response. I did these deals that have been accepted or completed. I swapped my Umtiti for Declan Rice My Leroy Sané for Achraf Hakimi And lastly, I was thinking about offloading my Joao Felix for Haland or Tonali. AGAIN, I know this isn’t the best thread to be posting this in, so I apologise, I just know the activity here is high and I need urgent responses Opinions would be highly appreciated
  12. Hi guys, so I’ve been trying to negotiate with this manager for a very very long time. I tried to do everything to get his Upamecano and he rejected any offer I put to the table. He did budge when I offered him my Leroy Sane for his Achraf Hakimi. Is this a good deal for me? I’m trying to build a young team that is guaranteed to see improvement? Thanks for any answers in advance
  13. The BPL has really become an unpredictable. You'd probably be lucky to finish top 4 this season with the amount of clubs improving
  14. Pogba has had more hairstyles than assists or goals so far lol.
  15. Sad to see Blind and Mata supposedly going. Blind arguably your best player last season too
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