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  1. The BPL has really become an unpredictable. You'd probably be lucky to finish top 4 this season with the amount of clubs improving
  2. Pogba has had more hairstyles than assists or goals so far lol.
  3. Sad to see Blind and Mata supposedly going. Blind arguably your best player last season too
  4. If Zlatan joins, better pray Rashford isn't forgotten.
  5. Adios to Champions League qualification. At least Chelsea haven't qualified either so this makes it that less embarrassing lol. I would not be surprised if at least one player decided to leave because they wanted CL football but I really cant make out which player that'd be.
  6. Lol, Anthony Joshua was always going to win.
  7. KYQS

    The Random Thread

    Cheeky I think one or two still log in so that would be risky How have you been, Pedro lad? Tried messaging you earlier...didn't work.
  8. There's no passion remaining in Jose. I honestly don't know why he hasn't been sacked lmao
  9. KYQS

    The Random Thread

    Even Moderators don't log in anymore lol
  10. What am I still doing on here?

  11. KYQS

    The Random Thread

    I've been busy with that new job I was telling you about New challenges in life occurring! [uSER=86810]pedrooliveira[/uSER] Whassuppp! [uSER=16520]Maxpayne[/uSER]
  12. KYQS

    The Random Thread

    Hi long lost friends
  13. Please tell you don't expect to get anywhere decent in the UCL with any of the back two :/
  14. If Utd don't buy a top CB before the deadline, I highly pitty Chris Smalling.
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