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  1. Re: which deal is better definatly go with essien man u midfield isnt as strong as its frontline so essien would be better for the team.
  2. Re: Best CB investment? two 90+ players that are future prospects are Garay going to madrid next season and looks set to become a starter as it looks like cannavaro is leaving and Cheillini should rise to 93 this week starting italy CB now and with Juventus lookin set to play in champions league next season he can only rise. althrough the downside too these players are they are usually taken by mangers straight away and if they're not they usually cost around £20million so a bit out of the price range you said but they are 2 opitions you could look at.
  3. Re: Maxi Rodriguez only example i can think of off the top of my head is mata
  4. Re: International league 09/10 VALENCIA-ITALY NO ONE ELLS MARSEILLE-FRANCE NO ONE ELLS MAN U-ENGLAND NO ONE ELLS MAN C-SPAIN NO ONE ELLS INTER-ARGRNTINA NO ONE ELLS VILLAREAL-HOLLAND NO ONE ELLS BOCO-IVERY COST NO ONE ELLS Everton-WALES NO ONE ELLS Sydney-australia NO ONE ELLS SORT IT OUT OR GET REMOVED ALL MANAGERS WHAT DONT HAVE A CONTREY PM ME YOU HAVE 30 MINS -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Posted by roy keane (Manchester United) Monday 11th May 2009 Number Views: 6 Is this article inappropriate? Report To SMFA? owner just
  5. Re: International league 09/10 same thing happened to me for maxi of athletico madrid
  6. Re: International league 09/10 tottenham hav had bids accepted for giggs an stankovic
  7. Re: International league 09/10 should change back 2 private app and make people tell u there country before joinin to stop confusion
  8. Re: International league 09/10 i am finding it hard to keep track of who every1 is and i Imagine im not the only one so ill make a list for people an seeing as this is only the 3rd post people can see it soon as they select the thread. every1 who isnt on the list message me with your team an country. Inter - Argentina Arsenal - Brazil Man u - Engalnd Marseille - France Fulham - Portugal Sydney FC - Austraila Villareal - Holland Valencia - Italy Man City - Spain Tottenham - Serbia Boca Jrs - Ivory Coast Ill try to keep as up to date as possible.
  9. Re: Would you do this deal to bring in viera? no dont do it veira should drop an Misimovic just got an increase and wolfsburg have a chance of qualifying for champions league next year.
  10. Re: New International leage could i have AC milan plz
  11. I have just taken over a brand new Sevilla team and was wondering if someone could tell me the players which I should sell before they drop and which players to definatly keep a hold of until after changes.
  12. Re: ade bye bye, or , new forward needed? most obvious answer is Pato should rise to 91/92 more likely 91 and has a very bright future
  13. Re: Possible new custom world if you make could i have inter plz:)
  14. Re: urgent help plsss.....(Raul Garcia) i would say he is going to stay having played 21 games in la liga this season playing about 1900 minutes, but the deal is upto you but that is because i dont know your other CBs and your other CMs.
  15. Re: All these players going down in rating...?? i dont think berbatov or klose will but think the others will. Gattuso, veira an milto definatly shud
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