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  1. Re: |English Championship 30000|Discussions/MRs Thread Gillingham finished 22nd in div 3, so will be playing in the 4th division next season. Promising signs though winning all 3 final games since I took over Congrats to all the title winners
  2. Re: English Championship 28697 Discussion Thread First game in this setup with Luton finished in a 6-4 loss at runaway league leaders Nuneaton. Wasn't the worst result for us, considering my young teams average rating was only 78 compared to his 87, and were missing a few players due to low fitness Edisson Jordanov was the only new signing to start the game, but managed a hattrick on his debut from the left wing. Hopefully a sign of things to come from him.
  3. Re: Available GC Teams (This is NOT a Discussion Thread)
  4. Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread Hi lads, is there any clubs on offer atm? Just started playing this again, and looking to try and get back in some of the setups that I was in before I left. Looks like this is the most active one still going
  5. Re: FIFA 12 Official Thread IF Witsel up for sale. 4321 and CM, so has had his position changed. SP of 27k, and a BIN of 30.5k. Currently the cheapest up, so feel free to bid If anyone has an IF Fellaini, if Witsel doesnt sell i'll trade you him and 14k for him?
  6. Re: FIFA 12 Official Thread Still struggling to find a gold team that I actually like. Since selling my Brasilvers, I've made about 7 teams, but cant find the right one. Most recent team is this: IF Diego Alves Ramos-Pique-David Luiz-Evra UP David Silva-Gerrard-Nasri David Villa-Torres-Ribery Have a real pace abuse bench too of: Ferdinand, UP Benzema, Nilmar, Doumbia, Jordi Alba, Callejon, Neto. Not sure about this team yet, though seems pretty good.
  7. Re: FIFA 12 Official Thread Just made the best team ever : Gomes Neville-Samba-Mertesecker-Risse Anderson-Carrick-Barton Heskey Carroll-Crouch Completly unplayable
  8. Re: FIFA 12 Official Thread Thanks for everyones help This is the team that I ended up going for: Mignolet Naughton-Ferdinand-Coates-Ollson Falque-Cleverly-Bannan Dyer-Delfouneso-Sinclair Played a couple of games with this team so far, and Im not really impressed so far Dyers fitness is dreadful, can barely finish a full game. Sinclair is massively overpriced. The only actual players I like are Falque and Bannan Going to sell it now and my Italian silvers and buy back my Brasilvers
  9. Re: FIFA 12 Official Thread Anyone know what the best Premiership or ENglish silver team is? Thinking about making one, so need ideas on who to get Also, how much would it cost to complete?
  10. Re: FIFA 12 Official Thread Just letting people know, put up a 4321 Marlos starting at 195k and BIN of 210k. Feel free to bid if interested, his price should rise to 250k+ in the coming weeks, Im just not patient enough to wait The team name is world beaters
  11. Re: FIFA 12 Official Thread Yeah, I made this team with 24k yesterday too: Cesar Marcelo-David Luiz-Dede-Bastos Kaka-Hernanes-Lucas Neymar Nimlar-Robinho The market is ridicoulusly cheap ATM. Can easily make a great team with about 200k now
  12. Re: FIFA 12 Official Thread Why are people complaining about Fifas picking of the TOTY and GOTY. They had nothing to do with it, its players and managers that pick the team, and anyone can vote on the goal of the year. I voted for Rooneys, but clearly more people liked Neymars. Also, the TOTY defenders are out. Casillas 93 Alves 91 Pique 93 Vidic 94 Ramos 91
  13. Re: FIFA 12 Official Thread Is anyone going to buy Marlos? Since hes left Sao Paolo, his price has already gone upto 250k. Was thinking of buying one and try get more money in a few weeks time from him?
  14. Re: FIFA 12 Official Thread Just wondering, who does everyone think will be in the TOTY brought out in January. I think it may look like this: Neuer Alves Silva Pique Marcelo Xavi Iniesta Alonso Ronaldo Messi Van Persie Most of it is La Liga players, but thats mainly because Barca won the CHampions League and Spain are the World Champions.
  15. Re: FIFA 12 Official Thread Not doing too badly on the H2H seasons so far. Up to division 4 at the minute, winning my first 4 games leaving me needing just 4 points to get to division 3, OVerall record at the minute is 34-3-3, having got promoted every season that I've played in so far. Looking to get to division 1 by Christmas
  16. Re: FIFA 12 Official Thread Anyone one know if the Brasilver Marlos is worth 80k? Was thinking about getting him and play him with Ibrahimovich up, with Pato and Neymar in behind in a 4-2-2-2 formation?
  17. Re: FIFA 12 Official Thread He sends off Coentrao walking beside the player, not ROdriguez who broke the boy
  18. Re: FIFA 12 Official Thread http://www.ea.com/uk/football/videos/ugc/103966124 This is why I hate referees in this game. Not bothered about the red card, just the refs stupidity
  19. Re: FIFA 12 Official Thread What's everyones records on Ultimate Team and Head to Head seasons. On ultimate team mines is 145-2-57. Just started H2H seasons a couple of days ago. Currently just got promoted to division 7, with a record of 13-1-0 . Also won the EA Cup today at first try.
  20. Re: FIFA 12 Official Thread Decided to go for a Spanish Team after selling the Seria A/Brazil side. New team looks like this: Valdes Ramos-Pepe-Pique-Marcelo Ozil-Fabregas-Kaka Sanchez-Torres-Villa Subs: Alonso, Carvalho, Albiol, Bent, Malouda, Aduriz, De Gea Also just opened a pack and got IF Walcott From that money and my current money, I'll be able to bring in Xavi
  21. Re: FIFA 12 Official Thread Managed to buy a Serie A/Brazil team that looked like this: Cesar Maicon--Lucio--Chiellini--Marcelo IF Boateng--Sneijder--Kaka IF Neymar Ibrahimovich--Pato PLayed 4 or 5 matches with this team, but didnt like it. The speed was too slow, so decided to change again Currently in the process of buying a Spanish side. Have already bought Torres, Valdes, Ramos, Pepe, Marcelo and Kaka, with 30k left. Also got well over 200k still in the trade pile, so hopefully I'll be able to get Fabregas, Villa and Pique in. Then a couple of 10k players
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