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  1. Re: FIFA 12 Official Thread Scored a really good volley with Di Natale online in Ultimate team. IT's uploaded to EA, so search for jamesod-11 on it and you should be able to see it
  2. Re: FIFA 12 Official Thread Trying to go with a mainly Brazillian team, but keeping a few of my Serie A players. Here's my current team: Stekelenberg Maicon--Lucio--Chiellini--Marcelo Hernanes--Sneijder--Kaka Neymar Nilmar--Pato SUbs: Robinho, Juan, Luis Fabiano, Carlos Eduardo, Bastos, Diego, Isla. Love having Pato and Neymar, up front as both are class. Havent played with Nilmar yet, but should be good with these 2 considering his pace Going to change Stekelenberg soon for Cesar, then might start a second team soon.
  3. Re: FIFA 12 Official Thread The prices in Ultimate Team are hugely overpriced ATM, especially in the prem. THis has been good to me becuase managed to sell both Wilshere and Hart for 15k each, then 4k on Ba and Lukaku too. Downing went for 7.5k. Managed to get over 50k from selling the prem players I got in packs. Went and bought Cavani and Marcelo for 55k together. Waiting for Fabregas to sell now, then I'll have 100k to spend. I'll be buying Pato first, then see how much Ramos or Maicon go for. WIll probably go for Ramos as he's going cheaper. If I've enough money left, I'm gonna try and get Robinho and that'll be my team looking well: This should be my final team: Stekelenberg Ramos/Maicon--Lucio--Nesta--Marcelo Cambiasso--Hamsik--Hernanes Robinho Pato--Cavani LOVE ULTIMATE TEAM
  4. Re: FIFA 12 Official Thread Put some money into my account, and bought about 6 or 7 premium gold packs. Managed to get: Wilshere Hart Lukaku Downing Got 7.5 k for Downing, and 4k for Lukaku. Hoping to get 20k combined for Wilshere and Hart. Oh, also got Cesc Fabregas Hoping for 100k+ for him Selling my Lavezzi for 25k, so hopefully when all deals are finished I'll have around 200k Really happy that I got lucky with them packs
  5. Re: FIFA 12 Official Thread I had that, but managed to sort it. I went to the web app, and go to 'Squad Selector', then create new squad. Do this , then save a couple of your players to the first team. THen log out of the web app, and try the console again. That worked for me when I seen it on a different forum. Anyway, after finally getting into ultimate team, my teams really taking shape . Decided to go for a Serie A team again this year after getting Lavezzi in my opening pack. Here's my first team : -------------Abbiati-------------- Zaccardo--Juan--Diaz-80 LB(cant remember name ) Hernanes--Cambiasso--Hamsik Lavezzi Krasic--Miccoli Started off plating 4-3-2-1, but really struggled to create chances. Changed to 4-3-1-2, and got to the final of the 5k tourney, losing 6-5 in the final Currently got 3k, with players like Lukaku, and Aimar on the trade pile. Hope to get about 10k, and try to get a good CB in that can keep up with strikers.
  6. Re: FIFA 12 Official Thread Is it just me or can others not get on ultimate team ? any time I try to go on it says 'Ultimate Team unavailable at this time, please try again later'. Are any others getting this and what can I do to get on ? EDIT: on the ps3
  7. Re: FIFA 12 Official Thread Opened my packs, and got Lavezzi in it Also got Coutinho (shiny silver) The rest arent the best though
  8. Re: FIFA 11 Official Thread Add me on the ps3 : jamesod-11 My first team for Ultimate Team is nearly finished. Here it ia: 4-3-2-1 GK - Julio Cesar DEF - Zanetti, Samuel, Chiellini, Chive MID - Hamsik, Cambiasso, De Rossi FOR - Tevez, Eto'o ST - Milito WIth Ancelleotti as manager, I've got up to 100 chem. Also have players like Mascherano, Pato, Hulk, Aimar and Krasic on the bench. TO finish this team, I'd want Maicon, Lucio and Sneijder, but I'll be waiting a while to earn money for them
  9. Re: English Championship 7515 - Discussion Thread Brought in Poli from Sampdoria for just over 9m. Happy with this buy, he'll be my cover in midfield now
  10. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Maicon, Sneijder and V.Persie for Evra, Villa, Busquets and Buss Henrique? I'd be the one selling Sneijder and co.
  11. Re: English Championship 7515 - Discussion Thread WOOOOO!!! Got my first points of the season, after beating Newcastle 2-0. Nice work on the team of the work. All these awards sound great, and should make this setup massivly better. Probs best to open a new thread called EC7515 Awards or something like that, to avoid them getting lost in this or the match report thread
  12. Re: English Championship 7484 (First 5 Division EC) Asenjo's second goal of the season helped Newcastle beat Everton 2-1 at Goodison. Upto 3rd now, despite having a -2 GD
  13. Re: Gold Championship 1 News Dammit :/ Barros Scheletto went down to 85 today, which will effectively end his stint at CSKA. His last game was more than likely against the mighty Spartak, where his 11th goal im 28 games helped his side get the win. Quite liked this player, and done brilliantly for a £5m fee. Up on transfer list now, so will be leaving in the coming days. ANyway... A must win tonight away to Saturn if I'm to keep the race for second alive to the final game. Exciting end, and I'm really happy with the sides performance in my first full season at CSKA.
  14. Re: English Championship 7515 - Discussion Thread I must say, there's a lot of people really over-reacting on this thread Safir done a stupid thing, and SM rightly removed him. He's apologised and left the forum and game, so can we now forget this Also, putting a PM up wasnt right, but it's now been removed and the person has said sorry. Forget this now. Edit: And the fact that it was a PM to apologise, I doubt he'd care that it was posted. Especially if he sent it to a lot of people Just focus on the games coming up and your teams, instead of saying I;m going to leave, everyone on this threads a disgrace etc... Try get people in to improve the GW and thread, instead of writting it off and killing the GW itself
  15. Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread Tottenhams out on offer
  16. Re: English Championship 7515 - Discussion Thread You can have Delph on loan for a short while untill the cup starts, after that I'll need him back
  17. Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread Why dont use just do a draw and have a knockout comp for this London comp. It would be faster and easier for whoever's organising it. ANd you shouldnt have seeds, not too many comps have it bar the Champs/Europa league. Just look at the FA Cup, if u dont have seeds you can get good draws like Liverpool v United in the FA cup on sunday. It just makes it better that way
  18. Re: English Championship 7515 - Discussion Thread I'll help out with the manager awards if I'm needed Also, think that's a bit of a joke with Safir getting sacked. Why id he even bother making this GW, especially since we had so many people offering to help France qualify for the WC, but only by goal difference
  19. Re: English Championship 7515 - Discussion Thread Unbelievable My Villa were beat by Stockport 3-1 in a friendly, but here's what makes SM's friendlies a joke: My average rating was 91, there best player was 82 I had 61% of the ball They played with 10 men for 87 minutes There best match rating rating was 8(3 players were rated 8) with an average of 6.1 My best rating was 9, with an average of 8 I had 18 shots to their 14 So how could I be beaten by a much inferior team, with a man less, less of the ball, less shots and their players didnt play well, yet mine did??
  20. Re: English Championship 7515 - Discussion Thread Accepted it. If anyone wants Delp, Bannan and Salifou PM me to let me know because I'll have to buy a couple of players first to build up the numbers
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