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  1. If you are looking for another set up to join, Carpe diem 3 is an unusual custom and run very well.Each season the maximum rating for buying players goes up (currently at 88) and your transfer budget depends on your league positioning from previous season e.g. final position, cup winners etc.Ongoing points table and a website with everything you need to know.ID -400058 Internazionale last spot available
  2. having already added Ziyech, i'm extremely excited already for next season its a big statement given the current climate
  3. of course but like all predictions its easier to base an accurate opinion once the games have been played, you can see now with the bundesliga that apart from bayern and maybe Dortmund there isn't much consistency happening, i expect all leagues to be like this.
  4. cavani, benzema is still first choice at madrid trade
  5. Valverde has been performing at a higher level and better team, Mount is inconsistent but as kieran stated lampard does love him so he'll get 90 eventually but he's not done near enough to get to 90 after one seaon
  6. funny that i would of gone for Gollini as hes undisputed starter for a very good team and Meret seems to be in and out of the team competing with Ospina, but my had has been forced anyway so Meret it is. thanks mate
  7. can anyone advise on who is better out of meret and gollini?
  8. keep the trio, think gomez could get to 92 if he stays fit and in liverpool team, rest can't see reaching further than that
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