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  1. Leeds are getting an absolute gem of a player, hope he goes on and smashes it!
  2. shame too see these guys go, but i respect them for putting their careers in their own hands, we've wasted way too many talents over the years just sending them on loans that never made sense
  3. something serioulsly wrong with this fella 🤐
  4. only thing weird is this guys constant rants on the matter
  5. currently playing in FC position, have asked for it to do a job at right back but it's not willing to fill in. something to do with the bosses at sm removing it's position, have emailed Steve... eagerly awaiting his response.
  6. You really need to let this go mate, people who expect change overnight just because a few have been given a direct line to SM need to get in tune with reality, "but SM does what they want to do WITHOUT any of your consultation." yes that's what tends to happen with people who have ownership of companies, and like you said these people are volunteering, SM is not their 'boss' lol they are taking time out of their days to try to make it better for everyone else and i'm sure they don't appreciate you coming on here every other day rambling on about KDB playing upfront or the fact that you can't decide which right back or left back to buy because of all these changes, this might sound crazy to you, but just buy a right back and a left back voila problem solved. There are many on here who volunteer there advice to help others, they are also not paid yet you seem to be on this high horse what you think people must answer to your problems or that you are the only player having to deal with what's going on, so instead of bothering these guys with your 'wrath' lol go out and touch some grass mate.
  7. oh how i miss the toxicity in the chelsea and Man Utd threads, guys like @ashtini @1000dB and most of all @TalentSearcher hands down the greatest forumer of all time 🤣
  8. Diogo Jota 611 mins in the league since his last review to 90 in January 4 goals scored +1 to 91. incredible! 🙃
  9. @thorgan lesar MIlad Mohammadi, Yaremchuk and Alessio castro-Montes any predicted rises for these fellas or should i sell?
  10. even Mendy i thought was inline for 91 but that's not too bad, i'd say Rudiger, AC and Chilwell were definitely most deserving of rises, I suspect AC and maybe even jorginho could get rises off the back of these euros if they continue to do well.
  11. i very rarely complain about these reviews, but how does a team win the champions league with the best defensive record conceding only 4 goals which i believe is a record for a team that's gone on to win it, get 0 reward for doing so, i was already quite annoyed yesterday with the lack of rises, but waking up today seeing players like Jota, Zinchenko and Maguire get rises please someone make it make sense.
  12. You won't get anything near 50m keep for now
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