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  1. There are two available spots in a CGW, its based off seasonal budgets ie league placing, cup wins and a few others, can't sign players over the age of 30 also there is a rating cap that increases incrementally by 1 every new season current rating at 90. if interested drop me a PM
  2. pereira danilo from Ajax worth keeping?
  3. Will most probably be sold, i am convinced he can get to 90 just depends on what team he is sold to
  4. been reported today, that he's considering his future due to competition ahead of him, but as Kieran said he is must buy. one of chelsea's most promising youth players
  5. these sort of questions are self explanatory 😐
  6. Anyone know forum is practically useless on phone? never lets me sign in and can never find and any relevant topics
  7. definitely possible but i'd say 90 is fair for him now
  8. yeah he's been our best defender since Tuchel has come in, admittedly he's someone i thought wasn't good enough for us going back to Sarri's season but he has been immense lately! if you look at our defensive record since Tuchel has come in it's very hard not to see any of our defenders not getting a +1 mayber bar thiago silva coz of his age and is already 92 but AC, Azpi, RJ, Rudiger and chilwell should all rise imo Rudiger +1 azpi +1 Reece James +1 Chilwell +1 Mendy +1 Jorginho +1 Kante +1 Mount +1 Kovacic 60/40 Andreas Christensen +1 our attack has been very disappointing this season, so can't really vouch for any of them getting rises, some should be lucky not to drop tbh
  9. they will both rise, 100% this can be done, if needed just say the word.
  10. can Iheanacho sneak a +2 with the fa cup win?
  11. the way he was diving looked real dodgy lol, even his actual kick i swear he was purposely not trying to score
  12. one of the worst finals i've ever seen, Villareal are real average team, i don't know what the hell Ole was watching but that should have been an easy win once they equalised
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