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  1. You fking clown, you’re disgusting
  2. ^ crazy what a month in football can do especially Christmas time in England with so many games got most spot on, apart from drops of Willian and Azpi thought they would survive due to how many games they’ve played but rightfully dropped as both have been pretty bad. Zouma was a mainstay at the time of writing but has lost his place to Christensen who has been very good since he’s come back in.
  3. Eberechi Eze vai ser um bom jogador, bogle foi bom na última temporada, mais Não sei agora, o resto também não conheço, Benrahma do Brentford ele é muito bom
  4. it doesn't matter mate as long as you're happy with those deals then kick on, i wouldn't sell Felix tho that kid is going straight to the top, just chose the wrong manager to take him there
  5. can someone explain why Vidic is the barometer in which we are comparing VVD with or any great defender in fact?
  6. I’d say Lukaku, he is perfectly suited to conte’s system and will continue to flourish for Inter, followed closely by Werner and then Immobile great striker too though
  7. http://www.carpediem2.win/you-know-you-want-to/ new league starting for those who were asking on here
  8. Shame about El ghazi would’ve thought 10 goal contributions would’ve been more than enough for a rise
  9. Abraham going up to 90 was me thinking he was already 88 and should get a+2 to 90, but socca is correct in him going from 87 to 89, and is doing great work overall with his spreadsheet!
  10. Haaland short term, Jovic will have a better career imo Stay
  11. I swear I checked his rating the other day and he was 88, so I though Socca was only giving him a plus 1 my mistake
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