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  1. if by some miracle Reece James is still available in any of your setups i'd snap him up straight away, he'll probably be a full fledged starter after the international break and he's going to be a big player for the future.
  2. you couldn't be more wrong, Lampard appears to be a big fan and has offered him the number 9 shirt, he seems to be trialling a two up top formation atm with him and michy but my thinking whichever one impresses out of those two will get the satrting berth vs Utd
  3. http://www.carpediem2.win/ scouting league with lots of variables involved, 1st season just finished, season 2 budgets currently being calculated and max rating going up 1 from 83 to 84, two of the better teams available have a read and if you're interested give us a shout
  4. I'D sau he is currently best defender at Chelsea, he will be involved and should be a guaranteed starter but he has to impress during this tour in japan
  5. Of course mate, hence why I said not having a pop at you, I’ve got him an Zaniolo in a league currently restricted to 83 rating so you can see why I’m happy lol tas bit biased
  6. +1 I’d say Let’s not get ahead of ourselves kids just signed for 126 million of course he’s going to rise, he could literally go on and never look back and in a few it could like a fair price was paid a lot of people are getting this hype thing misconstrued these guys are clearly very good to start off, not having a dig at you personally but Sm has changed a lot with it’s ratings i for one am learning to change with them rather than getting annoyed
  7. A decent start in Spain and he could be 89 in the winter reviews 😍
  8. Why do people insist on discussing matters they clearly know nothing about?
  9. a bit like Utd handing out contract these days
  10. I have both in a league we’re the current max rating is 83 so yes please lol
  11. 120 is his release clause, they have offered 126 million in installments so Benfica are considering offer.
  12. another one i personally didn't see rising not one that stands out for me, haven't seen any progression from his tme at Southampton oh yeah for sure, i'm expecting him to be a starter very soon
  13. Chelsea fan here who watched every game this season, Rudiger was never getting 92 been good in spurts but all in all i see him as someone who should be a squad player and not a starter
  14. i'd go for Thauvin, Lingard is a squad player at best it shows you how bad this Utd team are now
  15. no way anyone could've predicted what the hell this has been SM more up and down than a yoyo, great work as usual mate!
  16. Not played regularly enough to warrant it, Pep doesn’t seem to rate him aswell which is weird but he could sneak one as his stats are generally good for when he does play
  17. A lot big game mistakes this season, one of those keepers who goes far because of the players in front of him not his actual quality behind the sticks, he’s regressed quite a bit last two seasons. nice to see VVD get the 95 i was shutdown for saying he could get, he’s been immense and I knew all the hype would get him to it
  18. A lot of people ‘watch’ football not everybody ‘sees’ the game
  19. Every time you respond you literally do the job for me, you’re actually here trying to compare Digne with Robertson and then you have the audacity to compare Gueye to Kante because of stats a simple eye test will tell you these players are world apart, Shaw being voted Utds best player doesn’t hold any value as most of the time those are popularity contests, the same way Pogba was the only Man Utd player voted in the team of the year but not voted as Utds best player hmm... let’s not even go into the fact Pogba didn’t even deserve that spot over other midfielders but I guess his inclusion means he was one of the two best midfielders on the league wouldn’t you agree
  20. All I’ll say is LOL I’m not going to argue with a fella with EFC at the end his name, Digne competing with the best left backs in Europe? Shaw Utds best player and Gueye has been competing with Kante for three years must be discussing a different Kante, I think it’s time to take off those Everton tinted glasses and start watching actual football outside of your favourite team, I’ve seen some serious bias in my time on this forum but this definitely up there!
  21. whats this obssesion with Digne and Shaw? none were standout performers to be getting 90 and i'd definitely have Chilwell over both so thats a weird comparison, 89 is a good level for all three
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