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  1. can someone explain why Vidic is the barometer in which we are comparing VVD with or any great defender in fact?
  2. I’d say Lukaku, he is perfectly suited to conte’s system and will continue to flourish for Inter, followed closely by Werner and then Immobile great striker too though
  3. http://www.carpediem2.win/you-know-you-want-to/ new league starting for those who were asking on here
  4. Shame about El ghazi would’ve thought 10 goal contributions would’ve been more than enough for a rise
  5. Abraham going up to 90 was me thinking he was already 88 and should get a+2 to 90, but socca is correct in him going from 87 to 89, and is doing great work overall with his spreadsheet!
  6. Haaland short term, Jovic will have a better career imo Stay
  7. I swear I checked his rating the other day and he was 88, so I though Socca was only giving him a plus 1 my mistake
  8. Abraham will most definitely go to 90, James one to look out for with more minutes due to come as Rb spot is his own now could get to 86 depending on when they edit him, Guehi now on loan at Swansea , that pulisic +1 is 50/50, very inconsistent and now injured but i think he might sneak itrest is spot on from Chelsea
  9. tbh neither him nor Eriksen should be 94, 93 is a fair evaluation of both players abilities and achievements (0 trophies) in the game
  10. The year is 2021 SM players are still waiting for last years winter review to be finished...
  11. Rodri hasn’t been amazing but playing for city will help get that +1, if Martial can keep scoring from now until the epl review he could get it but he’s so inconsistent man, just seen Tammy is only 87 for some reason I thought he was already 88, he will definitely go to 89 Chelseas starting striker 12 premier league goals and a couple in the champions league, also played for England, I’d expect him to be 90 come the end of season
  12. surprised el ghazi is minus on your spreadsheet, great minutes with 3 goals and 4 assists thats definitely enough for a +1 in my book
  13. +1 not even guaranteed definitely not +2 are these future predictions or what you think will happen now? also can someone give me two very good risers and profit makers
  14. a spot in a gw just became available not new but season 3 about to start 30 squad cap, current max rating is 86 but ratings increase every season. very competitive too http://www.carpediem2.win/carpe-diem-3/
  15. these are all just opinions no right or wrong, its good to have discussions and give people different perspectives to judge from. i have been on this game since 2007 and the game has changed a lot, so i am always a bit wary of players getting high ratings so quickly especially in the winter reviews
  16. never done well on the international stage, nor in the champions league, there are 4 player on the game that are currently 96 or above, top two speak for themselves, Neymar is a ridiculous player(when fit) and Lewandowski is the best striker in the world, Aguero is a great striker but it takes a whole lot to rise to 96 and he has not done enough, it makes no sense that you think Salah who has outperformed him in every season since he's joined needs to win another UCL before he can get it but Aguero should have already got it? if anything Salah is more deserving of Aguero but for me neither of them are 96 level players thats just my opinion
  17. you lost me when you started comparing a builder too a footballer, plus i'm not to sure you understand the factors that go into rating changes
  18. would normally say duo, but Felix average start to la liga just edges Mbappe for me
  19. Neither Salah or Aguero deserve 96 that’s absurd, Salah isn’t even the best attacker in his own team, and Agueros injury record is what always let’s him down
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