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  1. 21 hours ago, TrueGooner14 said:

    Ferran Torres or Joao Felix?


    15 hours ago, Diego luis said:

    Gianluca mancini or mac tominay?


    19 hours ago, jcarr6 said:

    Sell either Pulisic or Joao Felix in order to buy Grealish?


    If yes, which?

    sell puli

    20 hours ago, RhysMorgan said:

    Szobslai or reyna? 

    Can only stretch to one for a long term winger 


  2. 4 hours ago, Kieran_S91 said:

    It’s really good to see, I think some of these youngsters have seen the likes of Sancho, Musiala (who was at Chelsea) and thought they are good enough to play senior football now, rather than sit in a top academy.

    Already seen Guehi move on from Chelsea, Simeu is another who should be on the move from Chelsea this week.

    shame too see these guys go, but i respect them for putting their careers in their own hands, we've wasted way too many talents over the years just sending them on loans that never made sense

  3. 4 hours ago, Nameless said:

    You either cheated, have multi account or deal(s) of yours has been misunderstood. Cannot think of any other reasons for many managers to behave like that. 

    ...And (beep beep beep)...health vs a GW? You got your beep beep beep beep beep priorities right.

    something serioulsly wrong with this fella 🤐

  4. 9 minutes ago, Nameless said:

    You made a whole argument based on wrong or no information at all. 

    Where did I say EVER I want change overnight? 

    Understand what I am saying or don't bother. 

    If you understood make the correct argument or ignore my comments. Unless you are on discord it's not for you anyway. 

    The grass is wet. How's the paint on your wall?

    currently playing in FC position, have asked for it to do a job at right back but it's not willing to fill in. something to do with the bosses at sm removing it's position, have emailed Steve... eagerly awaiting his response.

  5. 1 hour ago, Nameless said:

    You guys on discord are being taken for fools. To give another example is F(c) added to De Bruyne. 

    Literally things happen without you and you guys are there voluntarily to improve the game but SM does what they want to do WITHOUT any of your consultation. 

    And do not even reason with me and say it's a slip up. Recently, it's been proved it's not a slip up. 

    I simply do not understand why having the inner network you guys cannot exert pressure? 

    For God sake, you guys are volunteering not getting paid to do a job where questioning your boss might not always seem wise. 

    Ask Steve, question him hard, how is all this happening and even you guys on discord are taken aback and you guys are facing the wrath of some of us. 

    You really need to let this go mate, people who expect change overnight just because a few have been given a direct line to SM need to get in tune with reality, "but SM does what they want to do WITHOUT any of your consultation." yes that's what tends to happen with people who have ownership of companies, and like you said these people are volunteering, SM is not their 'boss' lol they are  taking time out of their days to try to make it better for everyone else and i'm sure they don't appreciate you coming on here every other day rambling on about KDB playing upfront or the fact that you can't decide which right back or left back to buy because of all these changes, this might sound crazy to you, but just buy a right back and a left back voila problem solved. There are many on here who volunteer there advice to help others, they are also not paid yet you seem to be on this high horse what you think people must answer to your problems or that you are the only player having to deal with what's going on, so instead of bothering these guys with your 'wrath' lol go out and touch some grass mate.

  6. 1 hour ago, Nameless said:

    You started this and now there's no stopping. 

    Like I mentioned the intention at the beginning was good but once you realized that this positional changes are harming than helping you should have said, 'yo dude stop. I volunteered to help but the way you guys are doing it with no patterns, no timing, out of the blue, etc was not what I offered to help'. You guys have a voice but you guys are happy to stay silent because you have inside track now.

    Like I said I want to buy 2 RB and 2 LB but will end up with 3 LB. I want to buy a RB who can play CB but will end up with a GK. And this is your doing. 



  7. 47 minutes ago, Sir Rahul said:

    I broadly agree. Which defenders do you should have risen though?

    Mendy and James got their rises. 

    even Mendy i thought was inline for 91 but that's not too bad, i'd say Rudiger, AC and Chilwell were definitely most deserving of rises, I suspect AC and maybe even jorginho could get rises off the back of these euros if they continue to do well.

  8. 29 minutes ago, Sir Rahul said:

    Today's review is certainly one for debate...

    1. Liverpool: Origi drop good, Jota 91 pretty premature given he was injured. Mane and Firmino.. I understand but still surprised.
    2. Man Utd: Good mostly, especially with de Gea and Deano. Maguire 92, I agree with it though surprised they gave it to him anyways. Good rises for a bunch of youngsters.
    3. Man City: Really thought Dias would be given 93 but it's good they kept him to 92. More surprised Foden just got 90 instead of 91, but I'm fine with that too. Zinchenko 90 seems unnecessary (both him and Mendy 90?), good rises for youngsters.

    Edit: I could see Foden getting 91 if England win the Euros.

    i very rarely complain about these reviews, but how does a team win the champions league with the best defensive record conceding only 4 goals which i believe is a record for a team that's gone on to win it, get 0 reward for doing so, i was already quite annoyed yesterday with the lack of rises, but waking up today seeing players like Jota, Zinchenko and Maguire get rises please someone make it make sense.

  9. 21 minutes ago, AeyDawn said:



    I've managed to sign Jude Bellingham recently in a fairly CGW. 

    A manager moved to another club, leaving a lot of talent /potential behind.

    I'm a 2nd division team atm but planning for longer term; mainly seeking young, low rated talents. 

    I likely won't be be promoted from D2 currently and struggle frequently for cash etc. 


    Question is, do I transfer list Bellingham for £50 million+ (if possible) once transfer ban is up? 

    Is selling Bellingham for max amount worth it to invest in club for future? 


    e.g. Talents currently available (at external clubs): 

    1. Jonathan DAVID

    2. Dejan KULUSEVSKI

    3. Sandro TONALI

    4. Goes RODRYGO

    5. Jamal MUSIALA

    6. Alexander ISAK 


    Thanks in advance! 

    Go raibh maith agaibh!


    You won't get anything near 50m keep for now

  10. 1 hour ago, Mele10 said:

    I think he deserves the +2 anyway. Feels unfair to leave arguably the best defender in the world this season at 92. Especially when you compare him to Van Dijk and Bruno Fernandes who also got +2.

    him and VVD isn't even close 92 seems like a perfectly fine rating imo

  11. There are two available spots in a CGW, its based off seasonal budgets ie league placing, cup wins and a few others, can't sign players over the age of 30 also there is a rating cap that increases incrementally by 1 every new season current rating at 90. if interested drop me a PM

  12. 11 minutes ago, Kieran_S91 said:

    Tino Livramento (18) on the radar of AC Milan, top class attacking full back with bags of potential.


    Just waiting for the day he gets added to SM so I can say those infamous words.... MUST BUY!

    been reported today, that he's considering his future due to competition ahead of him, but as Kieran said he is must buy. one of chelsea's most promising youth players

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