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  1. Every time you respond you literally do the job for me, you’re actually here trying to compare Digne with Robertson and then you have the audacity to compare Gueye to Kante because of stats a simple eye test will tell you these players are world apart, Shaw being voted Utds best player doesn’t hold any value as most of the time those are popularity contests, the same way Pogba was the only Man Utd player voted in the team of the year but not voted as Utds best player hmm... let’s not even go into the fact Pogba didn’t even deserve that spot over other midfielders but I guess his inclusion means he was one of the two best midfielders on the league wouldn’t you agree
  2. All I’ll say is LOL I’m not going to argue with a fella with EFC at the end his name, Digne competing with the best left backs in Europe? Shaw Utds best player and Gueye has been competing with Kante for three years must be discussing a different Kante, I think it’s time to take off those Everton tinted glasses and start watching actual football outside of your favourite team, I’ve seen some serious bias in my time on this forum but this definitely up there!
  3. whats this obssesion with Digne and Shaw? none were standout performers to be getting 90 and i'd definitely have Chilwell over both so thats a weird comparison, 89 is a good level for all three
  4. yes and no, idrissa gueye, ndidi and even Maguire have not played at a level even close to those in the top 6, nor have they won anything or even gone close to to warrant these rises
  5. Today has been slaughter, can’t get my head around neves getting 90 with Jota only going upto 88 and Jimenez who was their best player only an 89 very confusing, it’s also weird that teams below bottom 6 have been given very generous rises and Arsenal and Utd get some harsh ones especially given the fact they’re still clearly a lot better than the teams below
  6. a +4 would be great for me *fingers crossed*
  7. what type of rise do the Serie A watchers believe zaniolo could get?
  8. Gomez simply because he’s playing at a higher level and will go on to be a very good centre back, of those three right now I’d say Odoi because he is injured but he will soon be Chelsea’s main man so maybe neves instead upto u if you are prepared to wait
  9. i'm referring to guendouzi but i understand where your coming from now even though it's an odd point to make
  10. right okay, so you don't think he is in for a rise as imo he'll atleast get a plus 3 to 86
  11. yeah for me those aren't good stats to back why a player should jump from 92 to 93 and being player of the season for a team that finished 5th after a pretty poor campaign doesn't hold much weight either
  12. does anyone know, because i'll invest in thus phillip klement lad from paderborn
  13. shoutout to costa and others for hlozek tip, will make a good profit on him
  14. yes but theres no telling when they'll get it as Portuguese league is done once a year
  15. unrelated to the topic and your question but your name is very amusing to me as i work in sw19 lol
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