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  1. these sort of questions are self explanatory 😐
  2. Anyone know forum is practically useless on phone? never lets me sign in and can never find and any relevant topics
  3. definitely possible but i'd say 90 is fair for him now
  4. yeah he's been our best defender since Tuchel has come in, admittedly he's someone i thought wasn't good enough for us going back to Sarri's season but he has been immense lately! if you look at our defensive record since Tuchel has come in it's very hard not to see any of our defenders not getting a +1 mayber bar thiago silva coz of his age and is already 92 but AC, Azpi, RJ, Rudiger and chilwell should all rise imo Rudiger +1 azpi +1 Reece James +1 Chilwell +1 Mendy +1 Jorginho +1 Kante +1 Mount +1 Kovacic 60/40 Andreas Christensen +1 our attack has been very disappointing this season, so can't really vouch for any of them getting rises, some should be lucky not to drop tbh
  5. they will both rise, 100% this can be done, if needed just say the word.
  6. can Iheanacho sneak a +2 with the fa cup win?
  7. the way he was diving looked real dodgy lol, even his actual kick i swear he was purposely not trying to score
  8. one of the worst finals i've ever seen, Villareal are real average team, i don't know what the hell Ole was watching but that should have been an easy win once they equalised
  9. Mount will be 91 in the next review, Chelsea's best player this year aswell, this is very hypothetical but if we win can secure ucl and the fa cup he has an outside chance of getting 92
  10. i would get Maguire, he could get 92 while Andreas best rating would be a 90 in the next review
  11. well that's one way to kick racism out of football
  12. it's odd indeed but i hope this is not an excuse as to why you were eliminated, very good team at playing with the ball but just lacked that cutting edge to cause us problems over the two legs i would get jonathan david for sure, could sneak a 90 if Lille win the league and he carries on this form. no chance, not played enough under Tuchel and the back 3 system doesn't really suit him.
  13. I hope this a Porto fan complaining about yellow cards, team spent all game kicking Pulisic
  14. tomori also what type of rises can Kakuta, Gaetan laborde and vincezo grifo get? all getting good minutes with decent stats
  15. "One or more of your players, or players on your shortlist, have had a rating or position change. Please see the Reports tab in your squad page." I remember when seeing this message only meant good things had happened, these days I dread seeing this message when I log in 😂
  16. yes very likely he moves on in the summer, great player and should be nowhere near a drop
  17. I've returned at Slavia, willing to get past what's happened as punishment and acknowledgement of situation has finally been sorted.
  18. option g) get real and face reality, you guys are still believing something will happen after 4 days i have to say i admire your optimism but its extremely naive
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