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  1. TAA won't drop, pedri can go to 91, anything above that will be due to club and international success.
  2. this was meant to say any chance of him rising in the summer reviews
  3. ny chance of leo dubois in summer reviews?
  4. can't go wrong with either i would favour cancelo atm
  5. Donnaruma de ligt fofana reece james/trent/hakimi davies that would be my back 4
  6. thoughts on goalkeepers on sm, is there much difference with performances and game averages from 90 on wards, is it worth paying the big money for the 92+s?
  7. Fulham picking up form, you guys could be in trouble, especially with Wilson out
  8. i believe Sidibe done it, when Monaco won the league
  9. To be fair barring that city howler Alisson has been pretty immense, probably the best shop stopper in the league, he has a habit of making difficult saves look simple Liverpool would be way worse without him this year
  10. has to be Foden for me, at the better team going to be a regular from here on out plus will have the euros aswell
  11. Hlozek, jeans petter hauge, and the two defenders are both good would buy too!
  12. can't go wrong with either, CHO has way more to his all round game but vinicus is probably a bit more ahead in his development due to playing time and cho major injury but he seems to have impressed Tuchel right away and looks like a first team regular, something he should have been anyway but Lampard refused to play him
  13. i would try to avoid both, but will go with Ronaldo if thats your only option.
  14. seems a bit harsh of the excuse is to be believed. but we'll never know
  15. long term Godfrey is better option regardless
  16. IF Upa goes to bayern i would go for him, quite hard to bet how Werner will get on at chelsea, he looks devoid of confidence at the minute
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