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  1. i personally haven't seen any links recently from any reputable reporters on Chelsea side but i do know we are after a long term option at cb, he has been linked before so i think club is aware of him plus we just done a deal for Tomori so a relationship is there, so it's definitely a possibility but i believe if Milan makes ucl they're in a much better position to keep a hold of there players.
  2. every review people want this guy to be dropped but my boy just keeps on going! ya love to see it
  3. watkins, eddie still looks like a youth player
  4. i haven't seen much of strakosha so i won't act like i know what i'm talking about, when Mendy came in he look really good but then his form went off the boil with few individual errors, going off of reports i don't think we have signed him to be a long term #1 i think Kepas form was so bad Lampard really pushed for a new keeper, i think he could get 90 in the summer but past that i'm not too sure
  5. Chelsea fan here, Kova can be great but his main problem is he can do alot without actually doing anything, was our best player last season but not had the same impact this season i would give it a few weeks to see how he fares with Tuchel and then decide he has the ability to get 92 but that will be his ceiling unfortunately unless he can start impacting games further up the field.
  6. thought he'd see out until summer, but i guess if board believe top 4 was still achievable it makes sense to make a change now
  7. didn't get it after being chelsea player of the year last season, no chance now with heavy competition and a lot of rotation.
  8. whats situation with the draft we doing one or not? i had initially suggested two picks each and i think that's probably easiest and quickest way to do one, could possibly get it done before next Wednesday if that is when league is too start.
  9. this is where i'm at with it, Jaybee needs to get a general gist of what ppl are voting for and finalise with that, from there those who are still interested we can tally up numbers and get it started.
  10. a rating cap in the draft might be easiest solution eg: rating cap of 89/90 that way everybody is free to battle for the mbappes/neymars etc rather than #32 in the draft left with hardly anything to choose from as all the top players will be taken. just a thought
  11. I'm confused how will people gain an advantage by mishandling their squad, if people spend all their budget that's a disadvantage to them as they will have to but utter crap to fill out the rest of their squad, there is no need to track peoples spending because we all start with the same money, once that money is gone good luck to you
  12. i am very open to having a rating cap that increases upon seasons
  13. 1. Starting balance £100m people should be rewarded for smart budgeting and planning, too much money and there's no real test 2. Squad cap 30 anything over 35 is just allows for hoarding and isn't really competitive. 3. Age cap if any no 4. Ratings cap if any no 5. Stadium sizes 5k, 10k, 15k, 20k. Stadium size will determine the level of difficulty. these seem very low for a gw that looks to be going in the direction of no rating cap. 6. Economy level general consensus 7. Drafting players Yes or No. If yes, how many? i would say two players put everyones names into a randomiser and go 1-32 then 32-1 number 32 picks twice in one go, will be quickest way as 32 is a lot of ppl
  14. in terms of age and rating cap i am always happy to go along with the general consensus squad cap is essential!
  15. i think empty squads has to be the way forward, from my experience a draft of 3 players to pick from makes the most sense and the rest should be an open market as within a set budget you will have to be careful of what you spend rather than getting 11 players of your choice at cv in any competitive the ability to plan wisely with a budget is paramount imo , lets be honest the majority of players here are well versed in the game and we are all going to be going for the same players. empty squads similar size stadium normal economy a rating cap once player goes over cap he should be sold set starting budget
  16. Hazard while i agree with the sentiment, i said a couple of years because by then i fully expect him to make a move to a top club, just look at this summer, city had a few big bids rejected for him but time will tell but for me i'd defintely take over Souyuncu yes in Serie A , think he can if he keeps up his form for club and country end of season 92 can be done in the near future i would go Dier as spurs in form and he's starting for England
  17. Kounde will be an elite defender in a couple of years
  18. if it is a custom with specific rules, clubs should be made to be similar size in stature and stadium capacity to try to keep it as fair as possible all round
  19. i have sent you a friend request via rahuls friends list lol - in game name is caio cesar
  20. i legit just came back to forum to see of there are any new leagues going and i see this! lets make it happen
  21. any player that is a regular starter for atalanta is worth keeping. I personally can't see Henderson rising unless Liverpool win ucl
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