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  1. griezman+havetrtz hasn''t done much this season, so no asof right now
  2. chelsea is one of the worst clubs for youth progression and development, all the board cares about is making profit off these players, hopefully this Hudson-Odoi saga can change things going forward
  3. Plus when you count Mounts season in Holland he was pretty good, Foden needs to go on loan because he currently has no chance with Guardiola
  4. it will be like any normal transfer, i'd go for Sterling
  5. the way we are currently playing, i doubt we'll be having many clean sheets in the prem, our defence is comically bad
  6. Keylor Navas will be the main keeper, like Rahul said Luca would have to perform exceptionally well, even then the pressure would be too much because of the connection, one bad action and both will be slaughtered
  7. Funny you’ve put this here coz I was having a look today, With the Double game week fixtures you’ve gone for 3 Chelsea defenders and no City players suicidal if you ask me, I’m not sure who Simon Daly is on here but he was top for a long time but I reckon I’ll be back on top this time next week
  8. I’d go for Pepe at this present moment
  9. This doesn’t seem like a good idea you’re practically selling rudiger and mahrez for nainggolan +10m that’s a terrible exchange
  10. it's actually irrelevant who you get with an attack like that. i'd suggest trying a different setup
  11. Fair play fella, We're clearly arguing two different points you're talking about Chelsea challenging for the pl and I've stated Sarri and Jorginho is a good start to a restructuring process in regards to what had gone on the season before I stand by that statement.
  12. You have a thing for making up conversations that never happened and then comment on post saying 'see told you I was right' seen you do this on multiple occasions, weird fella
  13. He will probably be 90 in the summer and is definitely going to move to a big club but no point if keeping with those players in your squad
  14. It's a lazy argument the Bournemouth result had very little to do with Jorginho even so you take out one player what the hell are the other 9 outfield players doing? The problems at Chelsea are a lot deeper than stop Jorginho and you stop Chelsea truth is 50% of these players are not good enough to be starters at a top 6 side that wants to play expansive football, Sarri wanted a backup to Jorginho in the January transfer window club did not buy one, for me personally kovacic would excell in that role as a back up, but a lot of players need to step up and take responsibility it is easy to scapegoat Jorginho but hes only a fraction of the problem
  15. Yes you are correct and you have probably seen Sarris team play more than these pundits who are paid to analyse football, like I said Jorginho has not been good recently but there are so many factors our third midfielder who is supposed to be more offensive are not good enough Barkley is really bad and doesn't offer anything other than misplaced passes, half the time he plays within himself no risks taken hardly runs with the ball and then you Kovacic who offers 0 attacking impetus doesn't shoot, offers no runs off the ball and in behind never looks to penetrate defences, in our team Ruben loftus cheek seems like the best fit for this role as he plays with confidence has the ability to take the game to the opposition but for some reason Sarri sticks to Barkley/Kova. With what's currently going on that's where Sarri takes the blame he is too stubborn in his own ways keeps on playing the same players who play bad game after game, I feel sorry for Jorginho in a way because there is o movement off the ball to help him play his game, so he basically just becomes the fall guy because he is Sarri's man. Chelsea need to scrap a lot of the current players and invest in youth if they want to see the best of the current managers methods
  16. Anyone who lives in England will understand that Jorginho is a hot topic with a lot of terrible takes on his role and position fuelled by mediocre British punditry, as a Chelsea supporter and someone who watches every game, Jorginho has definitely not been good enough recently but there are many factors and Kante has actually been very good in his new position and is one of the few players who understands what Sarri is trying to do and implementing it, for some reason a lot of people think he is only good for defending and sitting back which is false he is great all round and most effective playing as a b2b midfielder. I could go on but I'll leave at that
  17. Carpe Diem 3, new custom starting soon has a few clubs available for decent long term managers. Rating limits, small budgets and empty squads, details found here www.carpediem2.win/carpe-diem-3 for those of you who like scouting and building for the future this ones for you
  18. I thought this all happened in the morning when I first heard the news, it's worrying to find out that plane went missing last night and still no sign of him or plane
  19. Alli you're best bet with those guys
  20. Trent will most probably be 90 end of season
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