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  1. Re: Site Down? This is what is annoying me. 7 hours isn't a short time, wish they'd just say 'come back tomorrow' or something!
  2. Re: Premiership Ratings By MaoaM Anyone care to post a list of the changes on here for the benefit of those of us who haven't seen them? Haven't been able to log in since 8am.
  3. Re: Site Down? As I haven't been able to log in all day, I assume SM will not be deducting a day away from my Gold Membership today. I work in IT and I appreciate the technical difficulties, but this is getting silly now.
  4. Re: Bundesliga Risers, Talents & Droppers 2010 Kiessling especially. Doesn't make sense at all. Fantastic stats in a league that isn't hampered by a low rating cap.
  5. Re: Bundesliga Risers, Talents & Droppers 2010
  6. Re: Big risers from the big leagues-SUMMARY This shouldn't be a surprise, he's had a fantastic season and deserves a 91. Great thread btw.
  7. Re: Bundesliga Risers, Talents & Droppers 2010 Sold him last week for £27m, now worth £5m to me!
  8. Re: Players: Should I buy, sell or keep? Jordan Henderson is currently 84, should rise to 86. Or take a punt on Daniel Parejo, currently 86 with chance of 87.
  9. Re: Dutch Eredivisie Ratings and Analysis Is Daley Blind worth keeping after his rise? Do we think he'll feature much for Ajax next season? Got him in most of my teams so would be good to know wether to cash in or keep hold!
  10. It's common knowledge on this game that certain leagues have a rating cap. We take the age-old Suarez arguement for example. SM refuse to rise him past 90 because of the league he plays in. What I want to know is is the cap justified? I'm not using Suarez as my basis for this arguement, instead I'll use Robbie Keane. For me, the main influence on a player's (especially a striker) rating is his stats. Yet SM seem to rank this very low on their priorities when decided on a player's rating. A year ago Keane is a bit-part player at Liverpool scoring 5 goals in 19 games before returning to Spurs to hit another 5 in 14 games. 10 from 23 is almost a goal a game, and quite rightly he kept his 92 rating. At the start of this season Keane hit 6 goals in 20 apperances for Spurs, and I'd say a drop to 91 was justified because he was no longer the most influential player at Spurs. However, dropping him to 90 after 12 goals in 16 games for Celtic just because he is in the SPL seems bizarre to me. Keane's stats for this season are 18 goals in 36 games. Still the goal every other game ratio he had when he was rated 92. He is the captain of his country and was awarded with lots of individual honours at the end of the season. So why the drop to 90? It certainly wasn't his performances. It was 100% based purely on the league he was playing in, and to me that's not fair. I'd love to hear other people's views on this. Keane and Suarez are the glaring examples of this, but I'm sure there's plenty of other cases we could be looking into.
  11. Re: An improvement to NMF Good idea, not sure how it would work with teams who have the minimum number of players in the squad though!
  12. Re: Bundesliga Risers, Talents & Droppers 2010 SM baffle me with their ratings sometimes, completely disregarding stats when it comes to a player's rating. The words "Robbie" and "Keane" spring to mind.
  13. Re: Bundesliga Risers, Talents & Droppers 2010 Stefan Kiessling. Are your views on him still the same? I'm not a big watcher of German football but his stats are screaming out for a rise to 91 at a minimum in my opinion.
  14. Re: Spam's Guide to - Risers, Droppers, Youngsters Surely the second highest scorer in the German league deserves a rise to 91!? This, to me, would be more bizarre than the whole Suarez debate. It's not like Germany is a poor league. 91 seems nailed on for me, but would love to hear other opinions on it.
  15. Re: Player Rating History Page This is exactly the kind of thing I was thinking of What else is on that page phil?
  16. Re: Improvement to player contracts and free agents Yeah this could work! Good thought.
  17. Hi guys, ponder this. At the moment, when you click on a player you can see what happened to his rating the last time it was reviewed. Nice feature, influences a lot of us when it comes to buying/selling players. What I'd like to see is a little link that brings up a little pop-up windows with the player's rating history. I'll take Ronaldinho as an example. He used to be a 99, but is currently a 94. I think having the ability to see how rapidly he dropped (the page would have the date of any rating change) would help a lot of managers when it comes to transfer dealings. On the other side of the scale, take Rodwell. Not a million years ago I signed him as a 72 rated player. I think managers would like to be able to click the link and say "yeah he's consistently gone up by 4 or 5 at every change, he could be a huge player in the future." I'm interested to see what others think, so please do reply with any constructive comments
  18. Re: Free Agents Being Free I like the current system to be honest. When you sign a player the fee is a signing on fee rather than a transfer fee - it's what happens in real life.
  19. Re: In depth team history and manager history Yeah that's a sound idea, something quite superficial that SM will probably like the look of!
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