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  1. Re: Ivan Rakitic - Why did he drop to 88? Thanks for the help guys, opinions from all appreciated! Will probably have a punt on him, an 89 might be on the cards based simply on minutes played in a successful side?
  2. Seems to have played just as many games as he did when he was rated 89, and it's not like he's playing in a bad side. Currently 2nd in German Div 1. Did he have a really big dip in form? Do we see him rising again in the next changes? Scored in their last game and has made 21 starts this season. Given how well Schalke are doing I'd say 89 has to be back on the cards? Help appreciated
  3. Re: rooney position change ? I think fwd/wing is the best description to be honest - he has the ability to play anywhere across the front line and has also been deployed on the wing.
  4. Hi guys My Man Utd team currently have Maicon as 1st choice RB. I then have Darijo Srna as cover. My question is do I swap him for Gonzalo Castro? Opinions on this are greatly appreciated.
  5. Do we think Turnbull's current run in the team will be rewarded? English changes still a few months away and will probably be back in the reserves by then. I reckon CL and PL action has to put him up to 87 from 85. Opinions?
  6. Re: Is Rafael VAN DER VAART worth to keep?? Will stay at 92 mate.
  7. Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. Just a quick question, aimed mainly at any SM Mods who might be able to help. I've been playing SM for 2 years now and loved every second of it. Now about a year ago (give or take) I was banned from writing newspaper articles. I know anyone who gets banned says this, but I genuinely haven't done anything wrong. I asked SM to explain the decision, and essentially got told I must have broken one of the T+Cs. When I asked them to provide me with an example of what I've done to deserve a ban, I was politely told to stop emailing them. Now, I'm more than happy to take a ban if someone can show me what I did wrong, but a year after my ban I think it's about time I asked the question: Is there any way someone at SM can look into this for me? The newspapers were one of my favourite parts of the game - I'm in a setup with all of my friends and miss out on a lot of the enjoyment because of this ban. It'd really be appreciated if someone could look into this for me. Any chance of having it overturned? Or being allowed a trial period? Or even just having a proper explanation as to what it is that's caused my ban? This isn't in any way an arsey post or anything, just genuinely confused and would appreciate any help that's forthcoming. Regards
  8. Re: NISTELROOY, worth buying now? I'm in a similar position with my Man United side. Have Rooney and Ibrahimovic as my main strikers with Guiza and Balotelli as backup. I want a 3rd top striker (preferably CF) to give me cover and options. Got me thinking about Ruud. Would cost me Guiza and DeZeeuw in a swap deal with an external club. His transfer ban is up, and only 1 other club are interested. He's a friend of mine, and we both have a similar question. There surely has to be some kind of system that the researchers use when a player dodges the rating changes? Ruud managed to escape the researchers due to his transfer, but with confirmation the way players are reviewed is about to change, what happens to V.Niselrooy? We only have 1 more week of the season left, and I'm sure when other clubs get their cash injections they will take a punt on a 95 rated striker who at worst will drop to 93. I think he'll be a success in Germany. His 95-rated days are over for sure, but fitness and good form could see him stay at 94/93 for a while.
  9. Re: Gold Championship 96 - Match and Transfer Reports thread HOLLAND DELIGHTED WITH FULHAM START Fulham manager Jose Holland has told the press of his delight at the start his side have made to Gold Champ 96. Holland, making his Gold setup debut, has steered his side to an unbeaten opening 7 games - including an opening day win over Chelsea and a draw with Manchester United at Old Trafford. Speaking ahead of his side's clash with Bristol City in the 3rd Round of the Shield, Holland said it was squad rotation that has seen him do so well. "The squad I began with at Fulham wasn't great. With only 2 decent center-backs and little up front, we've had to dip into the market and sign free agents and external players due to a small budget so adding players like Andrade and Kone were a must. We've got together a squad with great depth now, and while it's not the most youthful squad in the league, we can only work with what is available to us. No doubt our start has made a few teams sit up and look at Fulham now, and I'm confident we can push on for a top 6 finish." In transfer news, Holland has rejected a bid from Blackburn for Bobby Zamora. "The problem with cash offers is, in these Gold setups, prices are stupidly inflated, so unless good players are offered none of my players will be leaving."
  10. Re: Injured Player Develop Concerns? My apologies, miss-read the sentence when I look at support. Thanks for your help
  11. Hi there; I have Vidic out for 9 weeks with injury. It's my understanding that a top player develops concerns if they do not feature in a certain percentage of games. Obviously Vidic's injury means he's missing nearly half the season, so just wondered how concerns tie in with this? In short, will a player get a concern over his number of games even though I can't play him? Also, will his moral drop due to not playing while injured? I asked Support but their answer was just a link to a page that doesn't answer the question. Cheers
  12. Hi guys; Been offered Ribery and Maicon for Ronaldo, and then 20m for Sagna. So essentially 20m + two 95s for 98 and 92. Do I accept? My Man Utd team have been struggling but have started to climb table using 4-1-3-2 and I think Ribery fits in better. On a side note, Maicon's form has never been good in terms of match rating, tends to get 5s and 6s. Would I be able to change this?
  13. Re: Formation Positions It's a strange one that. In theory yes. But some wingers just don't seem to perform as well in those positions as they do say in 4-3-3wingers, while others get 8s 9s and 10s most times.
  14. Hi guys; My Man Utd team is drastically under-performing using 4-4-2, so want to try a 4-3-1-2. My front 3 would look like this: Rooney Ibrahimovic Ronaldo I play with Rooney's arrow going forward between the 2 front men. My question is simply would it be advantageous to use him as the target man? Fast losing interest in the game because what should work doesn't. 95 rated team with 65% possesion and a fully fit side shouldn't be 10th in table and losing to 89 rated unfit teams with everyone out of position.
  15. Re: Can not log in I get sent straight to the demo page...
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