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  1. Re: How long does it take for an external club to accept?
  2. Hi guys; Recently SM has adopted this policy of unmanaged clubs buying back players it has in real life. For example if Leeds United were unmanaged and Jermaine Beckford was at an external club, they'll bring him back. Similarly if there are any free agents who are at Leeds in real life, they'll bring them in too. In my setup there's currently an unmanaged Bristol City team with 3 goalkeepers but only 21 players, one of which is Casillas. We're around the time for The Championship to have it's ratings done, and this Bristol City team only have 1 of their "real" players at the club. Furthermore, there's another young free agent goalkeeper who is at Bristol in real life. I can't bid for Casillas until they have 22 players. Am I safe to assume Bristol will make a bid for either some of their real-life players and/or the free agent? Selling Cambiasso to fund the bid so would be useful to know! Thanks.
  3. Re: Where do you play Ronaldo Done that before (obviously with Mata on the other wing) but it means leaving either Rooney or Ibrahimovic on bench. The only team in my setup to play 4-3-3 wingers is currently bottom, it seems to be people who just play a standard 4-4-2 without any real instruction who do well. Very boring to be honest.
  4. Re: Where do you play Ronaldo Yeah well I was gunna try playing a 4-3-1-2 cos in theory that would suit my 'down the middle' theory, but other managers tell me it generally isn't a good formation to use..?
  5. Hi guys, tried asking support about this and they told me to post it here. So here goes: I've got a Manchester United team that just can't seem to get a run together. Average rating 95. Other teams in my setup stick winger on RM/LM position (example Arsenal play Ribery RM) and they do great. However when I play Ronaldo there he's only got more than 6/10 in one game, and that was a 7. I'm by no means asking people to tell me what team to pick etc. 'cos I think there must be a reason my team can lose to 89 rated sides more regularly than they should, but I'd love to know what people do with Ronaldo? I tend to go with 4-4-2 with Ronaldo, Essien, Sneijder and David Silva. I go down the middle with Ronaldo's arrow pointing South-East and Silva's pointing South-West. Silva does great, but Ronaldo's been shocking. I also have Mata. When other managers have played him RM with the same arrow I give Ronaldo he's been awesome. Why do 2 players who have the same "Wing/Fwd" position have such differing fortunes on the right of a midfield 4? I'd stick Ronaldo up front but got Ibrahimovic and Rooney up there! There's no outstanding RM's on the game, and using 4-3-3 for me didn't work too well (played it all last season and finished 9th). Boring 4-4-2 with minimal instruction seems to be the formula for success in this setup, so Ronaldo-help is greatly appreciated. Cheers, thanks for reading
  6. Re: Cash Investment Ah now I was told you'll get a cash injection at start of season if you have no money. I've got 11m with my team, our season starts next Saturday. 1) Will any cash injections be this coming Monday? 2) If I spend all my money before then will I get more? Regards
  7. Re: Biggest Upcoming Risers Blicher rose to 80 this morning, cheers Seftinho The game's best scout as far as I'm concerned.
  8. I did search before anyone starts, didn't find anything recent. I have Rivaldo in my squad, and I was agreeing with his rating of 90 as he was still performing well in a respectable team (Athens). However, he's taken a £10m 2-year deal with Bunyodkor of Usbekistan. I think he's still a decent player, but surely his rating's gotta go down whilst playing in such a poor league. Again, appologies if there's already a thread on this topic. I just want advise as to A) whether to sell, or to keep hold (and if so, how far down is his rating likely to fall). Cheers guys.
  9. Re: José Callejón Callejon's at Espanyol now; didn't even make the bench. Shame, as I bought him a while ago hoping he'd come good. Note: he could be injured, I haven't researched. Feel free to let me know.
  10. Re: 3-5-2 Help Well, it didn't work I lost 2-1. So did the rest of the top 6 though, so no ground has been lost. 3 games left, very tense. I'm playing against 3-4-2-1. Ideas welcome again. Thanks again for the advice guys
  11. Re: Aidan White - Another 16 Year Old I'm mates with Chris Ovington, so we go to quite a lot of reserve games. We saw Aiden last season and we all said he'd be great. Sheehan's an injury doubt so White could start today. I'm not keen on this 450minutes rubish, if a player's played, he's in the squad and should be an option.
  12. Re: Keith Andrews - Possible Massive Riser? I agree. As soon as Ince went to Blackburn I bought Andrews; Ince loved him at MK Dons. At £350k I'm looking at a decent profit, even if he only rises to 78-80.
  13. Re: ScOuT'S Top 100 Hot Prospects! I'd just like to throw Fabian Delph into the debate. I'm a Leeds fan, I realise he's only playing in L1, but at 10k, age 17, his recent run in the first team only going to make his rating go up. Represents England at youth level. My friend plays for Leeds (he's in my set-up) and says Arsenal scouts have been down a few times looking at him; I'd say one for the future.
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