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  1. Yea I agree but seems some don't think so. You seem to have an issue with Premiership clubs. A lot of people are envious of the money our league generates but it generates so much money because it's the best with the biggest clubs. Buffon even left because he wanted to join a bigger club. Italian football is mickey mouse and corrupt.
  2. I didn't mean it as a disrespectful way to Juve, I still think Juve are a big club as well. I just think when you compare stadiums and income generated Arsenal are the bigger club now. Not playing in Champs lge of course not ideal but is only temporary. With Emery now in charge and some smart recruitment it would not be a surprise to see Arsenal challenge for Premiership next season.
  3. I can't believe Lichtsteiner got -1. A move to a bigger club in a tougher league and captain of Switzerland in world cup. Outrageous! If anything he should of got +1. Ageism again from sw. 🙄
  4. I am in a gw with both @Middle_Finger and @Kev- I will be keeping an eye on both their transfer dealings from now on. Cheaters never prosper!
  5. It's not a question of can he keep his 90, it's more can he make 89 instead of 88
  6. There's more chance of Bolton winning a playoff game than this donkey rising
  7. Does anyone know when the next Argentina and Brazil review will be roughly? I think they should be due quite soon. Also Holland.
  8. If you mean to turn a bit of profit: Xinli Peng 78 (Chongqing Lifan) should get an +4 Fernandinho 82 (Chongquing Lifan) deserves another rise to 85 Fu Huan 78 (Shanghai SIPG) could get an +4 but he got quite a long suspension which means it'll probs just be an +2.
  9. So am I correct in thinking the Chinese league is next to be reviewed? They really do mess up the order these leagues get done don't they. Also it's ridiculous we now have to wait until the German review for Akolo to rise. It won't be until the end of the year.
  10. Got to be Koke for me. A safe 94 who's still young. Would take Carrasco years to get to that rating (if he ever would) and Roberto will most likely be a squad player for Barca now.
  11. He isn't leaving Barca lol, and even if he did (which he won't) I think they'd move for Dybala before Coutinho.
  12. With sw it's impossible to predict as they probably don't even know themselves. They make everything up as they go along. But there's a lot of leagues that should be in front of China in the queue in getting reviewed, including Middle East.
  13. Have you emailed contactus@soccermanager.com ? They should reply within a few days so you should hear something early next week.
  14. So no +1 for Seba. Get real sw. I've noticed it for a while now but it's becoming more and more obvious, SM is only about managing big clubs who have the budget for the top end players. This really does kill off full competitive gw's. Even when some of the lesser known risers do go up, the amount their value increases makes it pointless buying them in the first place the time you add on wages.
  15. I'd say definitely. QPR were desperate to keep him but money talks.
  16. Thought Ismaily deserved an +1.
  17. I learnt this only too well when they missed Krunic's rise because of Empoli's relegation. Very harsh considering Nestorovski went up even though Palermo finished even lower.
  18. Even without the mighty Tielemans What is your opinion on Kalifa Coulibaly (Gent)? Is it too optimistic to dream of an +3 to 86?
  19. So he isn't ready for Anderlecht but he is ready to join a top league on loan. Lol. Did Anderlecht suddenly become a force in Europe without telling anyone? Lol.
  20. Some of these people who ask for help with deals probably need help tying their shoe laces as well lol
  21. The Russian league is declining fast. They've lost most their big names now so the league looks capped at the 89 mark, which is probably fair. Scott Sinclair scored 21 goals from the wing in 35 games for Celtic this season, but it's irrelevant because he plays in an easy league. Promes is one of the best players in Russia and his rating reflects that. Biggest shafting? Lol, you've probably got a team of 20 90+ players and you're moaning because an 89 didn't get his 90. Please shut up.
  22. Yes because Promes missing out on his +1 is as bad as cancer. You're not the brightest spark are you?
  23. +3 for Ivan Ordets? Anything less would be extremely harsh considering he's an established international now and well below Shakhtar's 'better' players.
  24. If they had this option I'm sure they'd take it lol, but English clubs need a certain amount of homegrown players. and considering Tottenham are not selling Alli or Kane anytime soon, Stones and Sterling are the best out a bad bunch lol. Don't be surprised to see Barkley get a big move very soon (another inconsistent over hyped Englishman)
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