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  1. Re: Spanish Ratings 2009 Yeah, Eto'o deserved a 97 but only because strikers are generally rated higher than defenders/midfielders on this game. Otherwise, 95 and 96 for Henry and Eto'o are fine as I think strikers rating should correspond with mids and defs ratings. Maybe SM are trying to iron out this inconsistency?
  2. Re: Arsenal Player ratings I agree with all, except: Silvestre 87-87 Diaby-88/89 Eboue 89-88 Adebayor 93-92/93
  3. Re: Wayne Rooney (With Poll) Villa should be 96, but again you have no proof for saying that if their countries were switched, their ratings would be too-I think SM try and do the ratings as fairly as possible. Possibly Valencia's awful peformance last season kept Villa to a 95.
  4. Re: Wayne Rooney (With Poll)
  5. Re: Agger vs Škrteľ Agger, but not by as much as some people here seem to think. Skrtel has played well for Liverpool, but Agger can be potentially very, very good especially considering his age.
  6. Re: Ashley Young 91 for now.
  7. Re: DM He will drop-he's only played 601 mins of football-probably to 91 for now.
  8. Re: some good players ratings Gozgoz is right-Torres and Evra won't rise, Gomez could drop but may well stay and Pavluchenko is more likely to get 90 than 89.
  9. Re: Deco - rise, fall or stay 93?? Look at the way SM have done rating changes in the past, the number of appearances he has and even his performances at the beginning of the season. Is he going to drop 2 to 91? No, SM would not drop him by two when he has made 24 Appearances(last time I checked) for Chelsea and played very well at the start of the season. 92 is more likely, but I still think staying at 93 is most likely.
  10. Re: Deco - rise, fall or stay 93?? He's more likely to stay at 93.
  11. Re: Benike Afobe You should have searched, he's been mentioned before.
  12. Okay, none of my previous threads have got any replies yet, but this guy's really good. Please excuse me if he has been mentioned before, I did search and no results came up. Unable to find any pics. Name: Ramiro Daniel Ballivian Date of Birth: 08.04.1992 Age-group: 1992 Height:166 cm Nationality:Bolivian Position:Midfielder Club:Club Universitario Sucre Ramiro Ballivian is a 16 year old who has already represented Bolivia at u-17 and u-20 level. In the 08/09 Bolivian season he made six appearances, four starts and 2 sub appearances for his team that play in the Bolivian league. His skills were on show at the South American u-20 championships and he is rated as one of the top young talents in the world today. It is very hard to find information on him(that I can understand) but they say actions speak louder than words, so here is a video of him in the South American u-15 champonships back when he was 15. If anybody else can find articles about him, please feel free to post them here. As further proof of his talent, he is apparently very good on FM 09, and we know how good they are at picking up future talent:D
  13. Re: Who Should I keep / Selll Salvio should get 86, Walter will rise by a couple to about 80, Zuculini is an excellent long-term prospect so keep, as are Dentinho and Alex Texeira. Felipe Mattioni definitely won't rise in the next rating changes(unless he gets games between nowand then) but remains a decent prospect. Sorry, but that's all I know of for now.
  14. Re: Kolo Toure He should still drop in the next rating changes, Arsenal are 5th, he personally hasn't played as well as last season and he hasn't got that many games either. He has the potential to rise up to 94 again, imo, but I certainly wouldn't bank on it. His problem this season has been injuries, he still remains first choice for Arsenal and a lot will depend on well Arsenal do, if they do better next year he can get 94 again.
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