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  1. hi, i now have this prob...he isn`t a turkish/albanian mnager with a rep of 183..?? Cetin Kaya (183) has had 3 accounts in my gw, i have reported him 4 times for multiple accounts and the deals.. Ex : he sold K Zouma (88) for £16m + Douglas Costa (92) M Gotze (93) for £12m + A Vidal (94) Gimenez (90) these are just 2 examples. i have sent screenshots to sm, smfa is even turned on yet nothing has been done. i`m so angry.. All his fake accounts are turkish with Ali or Alsi as the 1st name and their all 45-50 rep
  2. hey guys i`m in, if the stadium capacity is between 30-40,ooo i will be Spurs if not taken..
  3. Re: Buy Me Out Hey mate, the only downside with the buy out clauses is every season the top 5-8 players will keep moving clubs, unless the season 1 winner wins it 2 seasons in a row then gets the 2nd best player which increases his chances of winning it again etc etc I do like this format though, complicated gw`s like this take time to iron out and set up + like the last post said, it only takes one idiot to ruin it..i have 3gw`s open that are empty now after 1 manager broke the rules.. how many interested managers are there atm.? wilzy
  4. Re: Something A Bit Different gw id : 236173
  5. Re: Something A Bit Different GW ID : 236173 ( wonder woonder world ) Be glad to have you, few teams still available
  6. Re: Something A Bit Different GW ID : 236173 (wonder wonder world) Be glad to have you..
  7. Kinda new GW just finished season 1 ( most teams are averaging 100m left to spend after season 1`s 90m limit ) 7 Teams available Only rule in place is squad cap of 40 ( empty squad format ) A Madrid, Leverkusen, Marseille, PSG, Chelsea, Lazio, Newcastle ID : 236173 Transfer window opens today.......
  8. Re: Something A Bit Different 3 teams now available in a season 2 GW only rule is squad cap of 40 PLAYERS 1 Team available in my gw.
  9. Re: Something A Bit Different i certainly will, if you decide you want to join our other gw let me know and i will get the caretaker manager removed..
  10. Re: Wonders wonder world...236173 PSG.. http://i.imgur.com/UuiyMWm.png http://i.imgur.com/Sx4jzEC.png
  11. Re: Wonders wonder world...236173 Atletico Madrid.. http://i.imgur.com/zenm9qM.png http://i.imgur.com/PRuhEeN.png
  12. A relatively new GW ( still in season 1 ) 3 Divisions of 8 teams x 4 matches 3 Relegated / 3 Promoted ( 1 play off place ) Season Dates :30 Nov 2014 - 10 Mar 2015 Balance : £150m Spending limit first season - 90 million : £40m Max CASH Fee After first season, no more spending limits. We are currently in a mid season window where you can sell upto 5 players and buy in 3 new but, your net spend must stay below the £90m limit so if you sell £25m you can only spend £25 etc etc Squad limit : First Team 30. U21 Roster 7. ( all 21 or under players must be placed in the youth roster
  13. Re: Something A Bit Different we have a ull gw atm but you are in as soon as anyone leaves..we do have another gw quite similar to mine' date=' 4 teams are available ( currently under caretaker accounts so they don`t spend or sell ) the gw is called `wonder wonder world` 236173 Available teams are : Lazio : A Madrid : PSG : Valencia ( under my control as its a mess so no one can have them until i fix the mess the last manager left, he has 4 cb all rated 72/78 with messi up front, considering he had a season 1 net spend of 90m it was silly to blow half on 1 player ) I am in the process o
  14. Re: Something A Bit Different hahahaha pmsl
  15. Re: Something A Bit Different very good man...made me smile..
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