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    Just a simple man of 40yrs. Dont know about as many players as you do, but i know football and i lov
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    My dog Gunner, my daughter Anfield & my guitars..
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    Painter/decorator @ own company..
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    Liverpool FC
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  1. hi, i now have this prob...he isn`t a turkish/albanian mnager with a rep of 183..?? Cetin Kaya (183) has had 3 accounts in my gw, i have reported him 4 times for multiple accounts and the deals.. Ex : he sold K Zouma (88) for £16m + Douglas Costa (92) M Gotze (93) for £12m + A Vidal (94) Gimenez (90) these are just 2 examples. i have sent screenshots to sm, smfa is even turned on yet nothing has been done. i`m so angry.. All his fake accounts are turkish with Ali or Alsi as the 1st name and their all 45-50 rep
  2. hey guys i`m in, if the stadium capacity is between 30-40,ooo i will be Spurs if not taken..
  3. Re: Buy Me Out Hey mate, the only downside with the buy out clauses is every season the top 5-8 players will keep moving clubs, unless the season 1 winner wins it 2 seasons in a row then gets the 2nd best player which increases his chances of winning it again etc etc I do like this format though, complicated gw`s like this take time to iron out and set up + like the last post said, it only takes one idiot to ruin it..i have 3gw`s open that are empty now after 1 manager broke the rules.. how many interested managers are there atm.? wilzy
  4. Re: Something A Bit Different gw id : 236173
  5. Re: Something A Bit Different GW ID : 236173 ( wonder woonder world ) Be glad to have you, few teams still available
  6. Re: Something A Bit Different GW ID : 236173 (wonder wonder world) Be glad to have you..
  7. Re: Something A Bit Different 3 teams now available in a season 2 GW only rule is squad cap of 40 PLAYERS 1 Team available in my gw.
  8. Re: Something A Bit Different i certainly will, if you decide you want to join our other gw let me know and i will get the caretaker manager removed..
  9. Re: Wonders wonder world...236173 PSG.. http://i.imgur.com/UuiyMWm.png http://i.imgur.com/Sx4jzEC.png
  10. Re: Wonders wonder world...236173 Atletico Madrid.. http://i.imgur.com/zenm9qM.png http://i.imgur.com/PRuhEeN.png
  11. Re: Something A Bit Different we have a ull gw atm but you are in as soon as anyone leaves..we do have another gw quite similar to mine' date=' 4 teams are available ( currently under caretaker accounts so they don`t spend or sell ) the gw is called `wonder wonder world` 236173 Available teams are : Lazio : A Madrid : PSG : Valencia ( under my control as its a mess so no one can have them until i fix the mess the last manager left, he has 4 cb all rated 72/78 with messi up front, considering he had a season 1 net spend of 90m it was silly to blow half on 1 player ) I am in the process of getting a thread open for it.. here is a link for thread.. [url']http://forum.soccermanager.com/showthread.php?p=3057382&posted=1#post3057382[/url]
  12. Re: Something A Bit Different hahahaha pmsl
  13. Re: Something A Bit Different very good man...made me smile..
  14. Re: New Improvements Hi Steven (great christian name) i have noticed lately, as have many other managers that the gw post notifications at the top right has dissapeared, the message number still works but not the notifications, i reported it as a bug (as that was the only option available) and sm kindly closed it saying there was no fault, so am i to understand that its just been removed.? so now i have to physically look at it and figure out which are the new ones and which aren`t, i`m in 19 gw`s and 10 are very active, so this makes it annoying time consumption.. thanks for any reply.. willzy..
  15. Re: New Improvements The match schedule in the top right IS to small, if you have a club match and an international on the same day it only shows one fixture, i missed a match because of this with my club, luckily i won..still, needs making larger, get rid of all this clutter, it shows the gw id on the right hand side now as well, why do we need it on the screen twice? were already in that gw so not like we need it anymore. `MORE POWERS FOR GW OWNERS (i own 7) and am fed up with the lack of control i have over something i paid money to own..
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