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  1. Re: argentinean league thread eduardo salvio.. sebastian blanco.. they worth
  2. Re: some argentinians players to see nicolas gaitan scored the third (his second). 3-0
  3. Re: argentinean league thread nicolas gaitan scored the third. 3-0
  4. Re: argentinean league thread nicolas gaitan scores the 2-0
  5. Re: some argentinians players to see viatris and nicolas gaitan have scored today for boca
  6. Re: argentinean league thread viatri make a goal today... boca is winning 1 -0, noir is playing too. let's see the second half
  7. i have a friend ,a nd he made an invitational setup, but he don't know how to invite... if anyone can help me thanks!
  8. Re: International Setup Idea i'm from argentina, is free??
  9. Re: "A particular club wanted" thread i want liverpool or man u in a new setup, if someone is so nice and can let me know. thanks
  10. Re: argentinean league thread i've already buy him in my team, last rating change he has a change of +6, so i think he's whort
  11. Re: argentinean league thread Juan Forlin is a young player of Boca juniors. He has played a few matches last season and did it very well... we have to see him playing more games... i think he's good... Roncaglia too.. They are the couple in the defense in the second team
  12. these are some argentinians players to see how develops this season: (my english is not too good... i hope you can understand me) Pablo Piatti- AM/F -19 years-Almeria Rating:88 //a young promise.. transfered from Estudiantes to Almeria Diego Buonanotte -AM/LM - 20 years- River Plate- Rating:87// He won the argentinian league whit River plate last season, he was(to me) the key of victory of many matches (he did 7 or 9 goals)... in the olympic games he did a great free kick goal against serbia to won the match for the argentinian team.he won the gold medal with the argentinian team in the last olimpyc games Lucas Viattri- F -21 years -Boca juniors. Rating:75// with the injury of Palermo.. he's probably take his place in the forward.. He did a Beatifull goal against barcelona in the Joan Gamper trophy coming from the bench Ricardo Noir - F -21 years - Boca Juniors. Rating 73//From the bench, he's demostrating his abilities to play, his velocity and his spirit to play are some of his qualities, He's the sub from Palacio, and the one to be his replacement. Ezequiel Lavezzi- F-23 years- Napoli. Rating: 90// He made 8 goals last season for napoli, and he's one of the favourite players for the napoli fans he won the gold medal with the argentinian team in the last olimpyc games. Angel Di maria -W/F- 20 Years - Benfica. Rating 87//He was one of the best players in the argentinian team in the olimpyc games and did the goal that gaves the gold medal to Argentina whit a master definition over the goalkeper. he's got a great ability on the "one on one". he won the gold medal with the argentinian team in the last olimpyc games. other players to see: Ezequiel Garay- CB- 21 years - Racing Santander. Rating 91. Fabian Monzon: LB/LM-21 Years- Boca Juniors- Rating 82 (probably transfer to Betis or Hamburg) Cristian Chavez- AM/RM-22 years- Boca Juniors-Rating 78 Mauro Zarate-F- 21 years- Lazio- Rating 88 and more... xD
  13. Re: Mateo Musacchio i've heard that real madrid was looking for him...
  14. Re: Luciano Monzon i've heard that he's going to play in Betis.... im from argentina and i'm a fan of boca juniors... i have this player in my SM team!!! he's a hot prospect to me
  15. Re: argentinean league thread hi everyone! im from argentina.. my team is boca juniors if you want players from there.... look for chavez (did 1 goal las match) and noir (he's the sub for palacio) i hope i can help
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