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  1. Re: Fatntasy Football Thread Omg Kirkland is poor. He will lose u 500 points by letting in goals. Kirkland Sucks period. Plus Filan suks even more and hes playn cause kirkland injured!!!!
  2. Re: Young players for 17-20 that are 70 -90 and just gained alot!! Well if he gained now im now seein that hes playin good so.... he might gain again.
  3. Re: Fatntasy Football Thread
  4. Re: Fatntasy Football Thread GK: Petr Cech (Chelsea) LB: Gabriel Milito (Zaragoza) CB: Jamie Caragher (Liverpool) CB: Darren Fletcher (Manchester United) RB: Daniel Alves (Sevilla) LM: Wesley Sneijder (Ajax) CM: Francesc Fabregas (Arsenal) RM: Lionel Messi (Barcelona) S: Ruud Rutgers Van Nistelrooy (Real Madrid) S: Dimitar Berbatov (Tottenham) S: Martin Palermo(Boca Juniors) Didn't put Ronaldo and put fletcher in Cb cause he played good in RB you get my point. Dont piss me off and say that fletcher was playin Rb ok.
  5. I would say Julien Jenner is a good choice same with Suarez and Emanuelson(Ajax Urby Emanuelson).
  6. Re: Denilson Denilson has been playing brilliant he is a muts by for arsenal fans!!!!!
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