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  1. Looking to buy 1 strong DMC-MC who fit in 4-3-3 system and is capable to play as playmaker too in some occasions. Currently I have : Alderweireld , Krychowiak , Pogba, S. Niguez, Kramer, L. Bender , Dier who can play in this position. Since is competence world, some options available are : 1- M. Demele (Tottenham's) 2- M. Scheneiderlin 3- D. Blind 4- D. Parejo 5- L.Biglia 6- M. Fellaini 7- B. Schweinsteiger 8- D. Pereira (Porto's) 9- W. Carvalho 10- K. Strootman 11- F.Jorginho Who will be a great addition (In SM terms) to boost my midfield in your opinion ??
  2. JuanFran (At. Madrid) +8Millions for S.Aurier (PSG) is good deal ?
  3. Juanfran (At. Madrid) + 3Millions for S.Aurier (PSG) is ok deal ?
  4. So is Worth to Swap him with Icardi ? P.S. (Any 89 riser to 90-91 DL suggestion ?)
  5. Here i have another question i have an offer for my P. Pogba for J. Rodrigues also have the opportunity to ask T. Kroos / L. Modric / G. Bale from Real Madrid . Should i accept 1 of those for paul or definitely keep the french ? (thinking to keep him but wanna ask a second opinion)
  6. Same Problem here with my At. Madrid league start @ 5 May 2016. I found the solution with a 3-4-1-2 formation [backward arrow on 5] Team Instructions: Mentality: Defensive Passing Style: Direct Attacking: Down both flanks Tempo: Fast The rest are defaults . Starters (season 1 w/ some new players as i sold some ) Oblak Jimenez - Godin - Alderweireld Juanfran - L. Bender - Pogba - Luis Koke Griezmann or F.Torres - Morata Playmaker -Penalty Taker - Captain : Morata Freekick - Corner taker : Koke Currently 7 matches unbeaten with this formation in a compete game world with all teams managed by humans : vs Barcelona = Draw @ Home 2-2 vs Manchester United = Win @ Away 1-0 vs Internazionale = Draw @ Home 2-2 vs Arsenal = Win @ Away 2-1 vs Tottenham = Win @ Home 5-1 vs Borrusia Dortmund = Draw @ Home 2-2 vs Liverpool = Win @ Home 2-1
  7. Wonder that Morata - F.Torres - Vela are more productive and i worth to have 'em in 1st eleven . Hope Griezmann hit 95 so i can swap him with someone better than Reus .
  8. Thanks for your opinions . I ll try pick Aubameyang and someone else if not S.bender (from Borrusia squad) for the French . just to be a fair deal as i think Griezmann will be 94 for sure might 95 if the win Ch. L. dunno
  9. Should i swap my Griezmann for Reus ? i have an offer and the frnech isnt productive ... as forward 12(2) apps - 1 goal if not, will worth to counter offer my Griezmann for S.Bender & Aubameyang ?
  10. Use as a Striker someone who is Target Man like Morata or F.Torres those i use in my At. Madrid and choose him as Playmaker . 100% success with assist and goals especially if the 2nd striker is someone Deep-Lying Forward .
  11. 3-5-2 messi forward arrow from MC to AMC and ronaldo forward inside arrow from ML to AMC
  12. Re: Scottish Championship 1 - Season #28 with Rangers, a tactical analysis First of all great threat, i 'm another one who read you, so keep it up and hope you got lot of wins !! For your next match let me suggest you my 5-4-1 that give me 2 championships with different teams in different GW's . here we are : 541 formation Attacking Mentality, Normal Tackling, Fast Tempo, Mixed Passing, Mixed Direction, Own Half Press. Counter Attack , Tight Marking , Offside Trap (optional depends on the opponent strikers) , Playmaker (no 6) are ticked. ** use a backward arrow on your 6 (playmaker) Good luck .
  13. Re: 4-2-2-2 I test this formation with lot of success using the follow : Attacking Mentality Fast Tempo Tick : Counter Attack Tight Marking Offside Trap (optional if u have good defender use it) Target Man (one CF with good abilities of holding the ball, passing and header) Bonus i use a forward diagonal arrow on 6.
  14. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Could you rate these GKs ? Romero Sergio | Andrea Consigli | Fraser Forster | Ron-Robert Zieler . Looking to buy one but who's better choice (SM term prefer) / will raise at least +1/2 . As starter i have Oblak (and in bench Begovic (bad GK for SM terms). )
  15. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Also another question is good deal to give Godin for Cech + Willian ?
  16. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... My Miranda for Mangala + F. Reges ?? OR My Miranda for Luis & Cash (about 2 -5 millions) . Money is an issue (need some cash, also have a lot of DMC but Mangala will rise soon i think .. ) What the best deal ?
  17. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... I have Godin and Chelsea offer me exchange with Ivanovic . Should i accept ? What your opinion ?
  18. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Hello babies , just start a new custom GW (competitive) again with Atleti . So the question is ... based on SM terms . Should i sell Cerci ? Oblak or Moya will raise faster ? Should i accept the offer for my Koke = Williams + Remi (From Chelsea) Thanks in advance .
  19. Re: What is the best formation and tactics against a very strong 3-5-2? 4-1-3-2 ------------Diego Lopez------------- -- Coleman -- Miranda -- Cahill -- Baines -- -------------------Gabi------------------ --Valbuena --- Schweinsteiger -- Silva -- --- Robben ------------ Ibrahimovic Start all Default tick : Counter Attack Tight Marking Playmaker (8) target Man (10) if its draw @ 60 min go : Attacking Mentality Fast tempo Counter Attack Tight Marking Playmaker (8) target Man (10) You will win for sure .
  20. Re: Underrated defenders under 500k please? Check 'em too Anthony SYHRE Riechedly BAZOER Erik PALMER-BROWN
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