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  1. Third


    Some of you know more or less how much points are required to be level 6? Thanks in advance!
  2. Third

    Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    No, Marcos Alonso is much better. Davies potentially could be 90 if keep his spot but not much more. Personally Berardi, but he need to move to a bigger team to move up rating
  3. Third

    Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    Kanté is 93 and Isco potential 93 in next reviews so depend if you need more a defensive or offensive midfield. If you are looking for bigger potential at long term, Isco.
  4. Third

    Worldwide Risers

    Oztunali is doing pretty well but Mainz are in a middle/lower position, 50/50 I think. I think Tolisso +1 to 91 and Philipp +1 to 88 more likely, but if SM are generous he could get 89 too
  5. Third

    Soccer Wiki - New Badge Votes Needed

    I voted up like did another time before, hope you can reach level 4 soon mate. That's precisely my level now, trying to reach level 5
  6. Third

    Up and coming players

    I didn't know a lot about Vitinho, but doing a quick search a see Manchester City was behind him and even could pay his release clause I though could be interesting mentioned him, but agree it's not the best especially seeing he has very few minutes in the world cup.
  7. Third

    Up and coming players

    Amazing talent Also added today Moura Vitinho from Corinthians, also from 2000 and in brazil u17 squad has been linked with teams such as Manchester City or Rome.
  8. Third

    Worldwide Risers

    No chances in christmas I think
  9. Third

    Bundesliga Ratings Discussion

    +1 to 87 I think
  10. Third

    Worldwide Risers

    Sokratis. Neither will rise but Rojo could go down Probably +4 to 82. Diogo Gonçalves has finally break in Benfica first team after doing pretty well in youth team too, 77 rated and possibly +3 to 80 in the next review (also Mile Svilar is a must sign, starting GK now)
  11. Third

    Bundesliga Ratings Discussion

    not risk of going down imo
  12. Third

    Worldwide Risers

    +2 to 85 I think. Loftus Cheek has more potential at long term for me.