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  1. There was a point early in the match where the commentators were talkin about almost half of Stoke's goals have come from the supply of Rory Delap throw-ins into the box. The announcer then says its usually not the first head that puts it into the net but its the second run you have to watch out for... They then go on to note that Arsenal have given up early leads to Stoke the past few matches... all within the first 10 mins. Rory Delap throw-ins being the culprit on a couple. Not two minutes after the above exchange Delap throws a ball into the box.. its headed by one Stoke player to anothe
  2. Re: GK replacement... somone scooped him up and is untouchable... trust me we get plenty of EPL here in the States and Joe Hart is for real. Dunno why he is shunned so much in England
  3. Re: GK replacement... lol... ya'll dont sound to confident.... I have Guy N'dy Assembe as a back up.... might just see what Renan and him do with they careers..
  4. My starting GK is Breto Renan and he dropped a point on me last rating changes.... I'm looking for a replacement in his age range and came up with these candidates... ROMERO, Sergio 22 88 £6.4M £8.4M HANDANOVIC, Samir 25 89 £6.5M £10.5M USTARI, Óscar 23 88 £6.3M £8.1M HENNESSEY, Wayne 23 85 £4.4M £5.7M and yes Neuer is taken and the holder is unwilling to sell... Quick question.. Wusup with Renan's drop in rating?
  5. I have a 15m offer for this guy. Any ideas of his ceiling? Good offer to sell....
  6. Better option.... KIESSLING, Stefa Fwd/AM SK 25 90 £7.2M £11.9M (have never seen play) GOMIS, Bafetimbi CF 24 89 £6.7M £11.5M (have seen and I like his game) WELLITON, Soares Fwd 23 89 £6.9M £12.5M (never seen play) RODALLEGA, Hugo Fwd 24 88 £6.1M £7.9M (have seen play a lot) KALINIC, Nikola Fwd 21 88 £6.6M £12.3M (never seen play) I'm leaning towards Gomis because of Champions league experience and he will be in World cup. other opinions appreciated tho.. Thanks
  7. Re: Striker money... The players who own Falcao and Pazzini won't give them up for cheap.... Gignac is on TB til late dec... so i'm hesitant to go after him
  8. i have 19m to spend and am looking at these strikers... need your advise on what you feel is the better buy.. MBOKANI, Dieumerci CF Standard Liège 23 89 £6.9M £14.6M GIGNAC, André-Pierre F Paris Saint-Germain 23 89 £6.9M £10.8M BENITEZ, Christian Santos Laguna 23 89 0- £6.9M £11.8M LUIZ ADRIANO, Souza Shakhtar 22 88 0- £6.4M £8.7M there are a couple of others where I could possibly buy two with the 19m... What are your thoughts though?
  9. I've been offered Stephane Sessesgnon for Ruben AMORIM + 8mil... While I'm sure Sessegnon is the better player they are both comparable in rating. With Stephane resigning with his french club and passing on Premier league I'm wondering if he has hit his ceiling as far as transfer window is concerned because if so I'll just take the package.... Thanks...!
  10. Pardon my laziness because I dont know if this has already been a topic of discussion on this board (I imagine it is). I recently read an article about UEFa maybe cracking down on squad sizes for some of the bigger clubs in Europe. Most noteably the article targeted Liverpool and another English club as squads in excess of 60+ players. I'm just curious as to what the rest of you think about this development. Should there be a limit? If so what should the limit be? What about reserves... limit? Personally.. I agree with a squad limit. I figure 11 points on the pitch... 5 suited bench player
  11. Re: Dutch Eredivisie holy.... I had about 5 guys from this thread already.... I just put in bids for 5 guys... and I shortlisted about 10 on top of that.... side note... I've read a few articles on a couple of other sites pertaining to the top leagues in the world... and all articles listed the Dutch league around the 8th or 9th in the world while the American league (MLS) was ranked 10th.... NO WAY is the gap that narrow between the two leagues... either they overhyped the MLS or undervalued the Dutch league... or maybe they were going by entertainment value...
  12. CAICEDO, Edison CM Macará 19/83 (last rise +3 in 1/08) just curious if anyone knows anything about this guy and if he has potential.. nothing detailed.. just a thumbs up/down if quality buy is all... peace ---------------- Now playing: Aquasky - Opaque via FoxyTunes
  13. Re: Gozgoz8 rating prediction: ALL PLAYERS FROM ALL COUNTRY!!!(including Youth player,based on Nationality) great effort.... I dont care if they overlap or if there are disagreements with the people who post prediction threads.... I have read a few that focus on leagues and others that focus on a specific country and I take knowledge from them all..... keep it up...
  14. Re: I'm scouting 6 continents for a striker.... ::nods:: that high on Suarez huh?.... but **** I'm lookin at the price of Benitez and I figure if he ends up in England him and Suarez will be a wash... what do you think?
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