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  1. Re: dennis berkgamp I havent heard of him in a while. I guess he's just gotten old
  2. Re: U 20 Full Report - Part 1 (Keepers) Chris Seitz with RSL has been competing with Nick Rimando for the starting position. Rimando if I'm correct was an All-Star a few years back. This is Seitz's first year in the MLS and his strong showing at the World Cup definately will help him and hopefully help struggling RSL. Rimando has been playing well while Seitz has been gone (dont know what the Goals against are for that time period) But for the whole season Rimando has had a 1.46 goals against average. Seitz was the 4th pick in January's MLS superdraft. He was the starting goalie for t
  3. Re: (Real life) loaned out players k thx for the info. I saw him in action for the final of a cup and he just pretty much dominating. It was very interesting to watch him.
  4. Re: (Real life) loaned out players Consistency would be my first priority too. I think that either way SM does it they need to be consistent. But I think that the way SM should make it would have the person being loaned from's team should be the owning power. (if that makes sense). For i.e. Riquelme should be on Villarreal when you start a new setup. I have a question though, don't think of me as stupid, but why is villareal loaning out Riquelme and how long is the loan.(I've been away for awhile and in the US I am rarely informed of worldwide soccer news)
  5. Re: USA wins Gold Cup probably could win all except argentina and will win at least one game. Many national team regulars will be gone for the copa america as the gold cup was a priority. Also, marquez and borguetti played for mexico in the gold cup finals so it looks like the best players for mexico were in the us for the game not venzuela Roster for old cup final(starters) 1 Tim Howard (G) (G) Oswaldo Sánchez 1 3 Carlos Bocanegra (D) (D) José Magallón 2 13 Jonathan Bornstein (D) (D) Rafael Márquez 4 22 Oguchi Onyewu (D) (D) Ricardo Osorio 5 17 Jonathan Spector (D) (D) Carlos Salcido
  6. Re: USA wins Gold Cup hey man i got back today maybe i dont work on your timeline buddy if you dont like it then dont post anything on it to bring it to the top again so people can see it for discussion. plus this is a look ahead topic too bro.
  7. Re: Copa America 2007 I'm just gona put this out there. Later today when the US plays argentina Argentina will no doubt win not just because they are the better team but becasue many of the U.S's best players arent playing in the Copa America which I dont think is a good idea for the US if they want worldwide respect. The US coach Bob Bradley that the Copa America wasnt a priority and that it will be more developmental and a time to play the young guns
  8. Re: Henry joins Barcelona!!! well i didnt know that. thanks for the notice. but if ronalddinho and deco stay then they would be a better team than before.
  9. Hey!!! it makes me happy to see the US win. (as i am a us citizen) I also love to see the us beat mexico. I'm not saying the US is number one, i just think that this is a good sign. (For those of you that dont care about out west the US won the CONCAF gold cup beating mexico in the finals 2-1 after being down 0-1.) How bout the USA?
  10. Re: Henry joins Barcelona!!! now barca has one of the fastest attacks ever. Plus with puyol and marquez in the back, this team will surely be a lot better this year. Plus Deco and Xavi are great midfielders and when you include a rising star in messi, this team i think probably willwin la liga next year
  11. Re: Any skins you want?, post them here How bout a real salt lake skin? you wanna do one for me? eskandarian, ballouchy and adu would be great on it
  12. Re: I'm back yeah my favorite team to manage was the ec18 stoke city club and I was about to get promoted before i left. I come back to that club to see that someone else controls the club, and it has been relegated! what happened? lol i guess it happens...shouldn't have left
  13. Re: I'm back thx for the support when will updating be over? oh yeah i looked and it was over a 7 month break. wow
  14. Re: HAGGIS INVITATIONAL NEWS The News Reports of Rumors on Jaron Bentrude, after having a break from managing would love to take over for Valencia in the Hoot if you love Haggis League. Jaron says"after a long break from managing I would love to return to the Haggis league." He also did mention on not getting his reward for placing s well with werder bremen before his big break. And that is the News.....Reporting.
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