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  1. Today in one of my game worlds (ID:1360) I've had 6 players become concerned about a lack of games. I have only a squad size of 21 and 4 of these players have played 30+ games, and the other 2 have played 20+ games. Absolutely ridiculous!!
  2. I still use the old interface. If I'm forced into using the new one, I'll also be quitting my clubs. It's just so slow and a pain to navigate.
  3. For some reason my 'new club message' notifications no longer disappear after I've viewed them.
  4. Re: The Minor Improvments Thread Well, at least the black lines have gone
  5. Re: New Improvements Yeah, the 'SM Worlds' screen seems utterly pointless to me.
  6. Re: The Minor Improvments Thread I hate it too. It's just so irritating to use and the thick black lines on the "my clubs" page look horrible.
  7. What's happened to the attendance figure that used to be in the match reports?
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