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  1. i have got mancini in a english championship. I have heard his ratings is going down so i have had him on the transfer list for a few weeks now, though no offers have materialized. So should i swap him for mata? Only problem is il be paying 2mill more than his asking price?
  2. Re: CalcioItalia's Italian Ratings Goran Pandev, will he keep his 92? Any chance of a rise in the near future?
  3. Re: Gabriel Milito just thought i would give this thread a bump. spanish ratings now closer, will defiantly drop but what do people think drop 1 or 2? I would have said drop 1 but sm are getting tough so is a drop of 2 a possibility?
  4. Re: Spanish Ratings some reviews say godin and rodriguez could get a 91? would you say thats not going to happen now?
  5. Simple poll regarding his rating in the forthcoming italian review. Peoples opinions greatly welcome.
  6. Re: Spanish Ratings Gonzalo Rodriguez 90 Godin 90 Escude 92 whats going to happen to these ratings. will godin and rodriguez get a rise for there good from for there club?
  7. Re: Spanish Ratings escude, some people saying he playing well then i hear other reports saying hes playing poorly. Anyone give a verdict on his performances this season and rating. From what i saw 92 seemed fair?
  8. Re: Spanish Ratings Luis Miguel of valencia, what is going to happen to him in the rating changes?
  9. Re: Higuain or Luis Suarez????/ higuain for me will get a rise to 91 soon and with a small possibility of a 92. on great form for madrid and pushing his way up the pecking order
  10. Re: Turkish Süper Lig - Ratings great thread! any news on turan arda? will he rise?
  11. Re: Spanish Ratings so juan manuel mata will he have a positional change or will he remain a wing/fwd? many people suggesting he may become a fwd/wing? whats the general opinions on this? Is he worth signing?
  12. Re: Riccardo Montolivo any more opinions. i put him down for a +1 due to his recent form. anyone agree or disagree?
  13. Re: Luca Tremolada : Inter Milan There is definalty a good crop of young italians starting to push there was through the academy's and into the main teams. With many now going on loan and the italian co-own system they are getting game time early which is aiding player development at a young age in competitive leagues. Watch out the future of italian football looks promising.
  14. Re: Spanish Ratings Mata is currently a wing/fwd. I think he should keep this position as he has played the majority of his games on the wing, only filling in as a fwd when villa ect have been injured. What does everyone else think?
  15. Simple poll will he rise and what will he rise too. peoples opinions welcomed as i know alot of people usually like to buy him, so would like to know whats his chances for rise ect. Thankyou
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