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  1. Re: Respuesta: Re: Respuesta: Re: Diego Forlan
  2. Re: Diego Forlan You know what's funny' date=' you asked what did Forlan win in 09/10 and but you failed to realise (or you're that biased) that most awards you posted won by Lampard are [b']majority[/b] 05/06 or before, and given that he did actually achieve those individual accolades, he has had his rating adjusted accordingly, but you can't cut that Forlan won the Euro golden boot in 04/05 and 08/09, right? noooo!! he didn't win anything individually in 09/10! He doesn't deserve a higher rating!! never has and never will!! nooo way josee!
  3. Re: Diego Forlan I'm seeing you're just biased. You can well say that about Torres and other inconsistent strikers above Forlan, but you won't because you're biased and you're a HATER.
  4. Re: Diego Forlan hahaha OH MY GOD, you still don't get it!!!! haha you're too funny I can't stop laughing. I said HE DIDN'T WIN THE LEAGUE INDIVIDUALLY, it was a team effort, every superstar in Chelsea worked for it. Or are you trying to take merits off some of the other players in Chelsea now? you're just hilarious!
  5. Re: Diego Forlan http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diego_Forl%C3%A1n#Honours Look under individual.
  6. Re: Respuesta: Re: Respuesta: Re: Diego Forlan
  7. Re: Diego Forlan Are you for real? are you really asking me this? Do you even know all the awards he's won individually? have even watched him play lately? Maybe you need to learn about Forlan before giving a baseless opinion in this thread.
  8. I think Forlan should rise to AT LEAST 95. He's one of the most underrated forwards, I mean he's won the euro golden boot twice and this year he won the Europa cup almost single handed, with crucial goals in the semi and Final. And now he's the driving factor for Uruguay, reaching the semifinals and scoring 4 goals in the process. Not to mention he has been playing as an AM in most games and really made their whole attack blend and also has improved his freekicks. He's been one of the best performing forwards in the world and yet so underrated.
  9. Re: Nicolas MEZQUIDA Any updates on Mezquida? He's a great talent, but wasn't given much of a chance in the U-17 WC, I believe because the AUF needed to show off Barreto in his place to sell him to Europe, since Mezquida was already sold to Schalke. That wouldn't surprise me coming from Uruguay, crazy things happen. He did preform when he played though, I remember he chipped a great ball to Gallegos who then chipped it over the goalkeeper in the U-17 WC, the best goal of the tourney.
  10. Re: Sebastian Gallegos - Uruguayan Prodigy He is the next Recoba, I can assure you that. I've watched the U-17 play-offs and U-17 world cup, he has godly technique, his dribbling is very tight, like that of an indoor soccer player. Sadly, he hasn't been given a chance yet, he should be given some play time in the very near future. He was also joint top scorer in the U-17 WC.
  11. Re: VIUDEZ, Tabaré***MILAN's New PATO!! Sorry I have to bump this thread as I was searching Viudez on google and decided to join lol I also joined the game, seems good. I must say, Cardaccio isn't a player like Pirlo or Gatusso, he's average and the fans from Uruguay were very surprised that Milan, one of the top teams in Europe, actually bought this player. I, myself am Uruguayan and I can tell you Cardaccio isn't a top flight player like people are trying to expose him, he's NOT the next Pirlo or anywhere near like people say, he's just another defensive/central midfielder with a little bit more talent than the average professional player in Uruguay. Now Viudez is totally different, he's 18 and a growing talent, he's fast and skillful, just like the typical attacking midfielder from South America. He's superb for his age and I'm sure he will be a key player for Milan in the coming years. Cheers
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