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  1. Hi all A bit of feed back on GW 2, I like the new fonts and when I see the home page all out of line I know I will get a page showing the teams marked with badges rather than shirts, I like this look. but when I click on a club I go back to the home page. I can't seem to put players on the loan list, ansd sometimes a match is clicked on but another one pops up, so in say my page it says Manchester United vs Walsall the match that comes up is Manchester United vs City. Overall I like the new lokk. Cheers Myron.
  2. I applied for Manchester United in Test World 2 about a week ago and my application has still not been approved, frustrated as i want to try the new match engine. Cheers Myron.
  3. Hi all What happened to Gold world 459 it says it will be closing at the end of the season a search can't find it, even though 460 has already started, whats up someone from SM? Cheers Ron.
  4. I have been trying to buy credits but I keep getting errors, does SM know of this? Cheers Myron
  5. Re: SM Worlds Suggested Improvements Discussion Hi all My suggestions remain the same 1) Stadiums get bigger as you go up into higher leagues if you get Barnet into Division 1 it is no good having a 10,000 seat stadium, in real life they would add seats 2) As in real life teams should only have 5 Foreign players or in the EU 5 non EU players like in real life, it would also spread the talent and make teams look more realistic 3) Next Gold world include Indian Premier League and or Conference South teams in Division 5 so I can Manage St Albans or Delhi Dynamos, Custom GW of India are full
  6. Re: SM Worlds Suggested Improvements Discussion Hi all The rules for squads should be like real life with squad size limits and rules about the number of foreign players, a team can have 5 in A League, 5 non EU players in Europe that would spread players out and stop teams hogging 200 youth players. Also players should refuse to play for teams beneath their dignity like in the solo game. Messi will refuse to play for Perth Glory etc. My 2 cents Ron
  7. Hi all I want to ask the Admins if the next Gold Game world can include St Albans City as I want to manage it, and it is not in any but custom Leagues which I do not like and also if not, could the Indian League be included as I would take Delhi, the teams are all on the database and the teams are all on Wikipedia for those without 11 players just rate the ones you don't know as 67,68 as they will be gone soon anyway. Cheers Myron.
  8. Hi all Today I see the match report page has changed, the team names should be in the Blue bar but nothing is there, the only way I can tell which is my team is by my name above it. Thought you would want to know. I am using Firefox on a Mac. Cheers Ron.
  9. Hi all It says I am a Newbie, but to the Forum not the game, I think rating changes are back to front, players move to better teams because they have impressed so their rating should go up before the big move, take Odegaard now he has moved to Madrid his rating will go up, but it was his performance going up that got him the gig, so he should have been 87 in Norway, like wise players rating dropping gets them booted so players ratings should go down before their move to India.
  10. Re: Platinum Championships? I have just seen this so the answer may be too late 4 years on, but 2 things bug me. 1 is that in Asia/Australia by the time you wake up after a new GW has opened all the good teams are gone. 2 It is unrealistic to have World 11 teams, this could be fixed by 2 things first teams can only have a certain number of foreign players like in real life, and players have a level they will not play at as in SM 2015 so Messi will not play for Perth Glory. Cheers Myron.
  11. I am really enjoying watching the Indian Premier League with so many great players, David James, Del Piero, Pires, Anelka etc and I was wondering if one of the new Gold Gameworlds could include India as an option, the teams are nearly all done as externals. I think this may appeal to Indians and bring a lot more users to the game. Cheers Myron.
  12. Hi all Jake Brimmer is doing well at the Asian Youth cup and has just signed for Liverpool he is an Australian Forward. Should be in the database i think. Cheers Myron.
  13. Re: Massive cheating I don't see what they get out of it, in some standard leagues they are the only ones left, in one world and I am not saying he is a cheat because he took over the team as is now, but in an Australian world Sydney FC which in real life has a salary cap of 2 million has over 400 million worth of players all the top players in the world Messi, Muller, Ronaldo front line etc. all the other teams are pillaged and have about 6 million, so no one will manage those teams, eventually he will be by himself and win but what satisfaction is there in that? There are way too many empt
  14. Re: Massive cheating Hi all These cheaters are win at all cost types and want World 11 teams so I find if you play Division 5 or similar they are not there, they don't want to be Bury so I play in lower leagues with low players and have no trouble finding all the 78 rated players I want.i am also quitting all but Gold Worlds, more players mean the players are spread out more, I tried making some custom leagues but people just ignored my wishes, one was only British teams please, I wake up next morning, Real Madrids everywhere,then I wanted a UNDER 21 ONLY world and I awoke to more Real Madri
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