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  1. Re: Help with a good team i will try aitken formation and thanks for all the suggestions:D
  2. Hi everyone i would like help me with my Inter team it is my first game of the season and i want to start off with a good start. please tell me why you chose that formation and what should be the pre-match instructions thanks in adv. Julio Cesar{GK}95 Orlandoni Paolo{GK}80 ZAMBROTTA GIANLUCA{RB/LB}93 SANTON DAVIDE{RB/LB}87 LUCIO FERREIRA{CB}94 CORDOBA IVAN{CB}93 MEXES PHILIPPE{CB}92 SAMUEL WALTER{CB}92 THIAGO SILVA EMILIANO{CB}90 ZANETTI JAVIER{DM/DEF}94 TIAGO MOTTA{DM/CM}89 PIRLO{DM/CM}94 CAMBIASSO ESTEBAN{CM/DM}95 XAVI{CM/AM}97 STANKOVIC DEJAN{CM/AM}93 SNEIJDER WESLEY{AM/CM}94 HAMSIK MAREK{AM/CM}91 ROBBEN ARJEN{WING/FWD}93 VAN DER VAART RAFAEL{AM/CM}92 MESSI LIONEL{FWD/AM}98 LAVEZZI EZEQUIEL{FWD}90 ARNAUTOVIC MARKO{FWD}85 BALOTELLI MARIO{FWD/WING}89 MILITO DIEGO{CF}94 DROGBA DIDIER{CF}95
  3. can someone tell me a really good winger that is 10-15 mill affordable in the 90's range i want to swap deco for some plus 2 million dollars
  4. http://www.soccermanager.com/profile.php?action=clubdetails&cid=348755&clubid=17240693&sid=46058 i need some help with this squad i need to know who is going to rise and fall who to sell and who to keep thanks in adv.
  5. Re: EL Guaje? Milito had fantastic season y wouldnt he rise
  6. Re: EL Guaje? should i keep eto'o or exchange hime for a better player b/c i know that milito will rise and i need someone that will rise to 97
  7. should i buy david villa in part exchange of eto'o im inter who is going to rise/fall/or stay the same thanks in adv.
  8. wats the best formation and play style should i play with to get the best out of Fernando Torres,Drogba and Anelka all on different teams
  9. wat should i offer for ronaldo http://www.soccermanager.com/profile.php?action=clubdetails&cid=348755&clubid=2544387&sid=15141 and ribery and gerrard. i have 90mil
  10. Re: ronaldo i needed a striker but i do want them so wat would it take to get them
  11. wat should i offer for ronaldo http://www.soccermanager.com/profile.php?action=clubdetails&cid=348755&clubid=5185838&sid=17141 and ribery and gerrard. i have only 6 mil
  12. Re: confused eto, ibra and messi
  13. wat does a striker need to score and wat formation for strikers
  14. Re: Help with this team how do u get the best out of messi:confused:
  15. Re: ETO'O and IBRAHIMOVIC i would do it cause eto'o is injured while u can get ibra ok and they are the same ratings and ibrahimovic will rise because i think hes going to barca while eto'o is going to inter which is a terrible team in the champions cup and barca is good all around;)
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