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  1. Re: How To Scout For Players Nice thread.
  2. Re: Eden Hazard Play Eden on 4-3-3 wingers right side with an arrow to cut inside.
  3. Re: Need help replacing Cahill & Marchisio If you can Nastatic will be a great buy and for a box to box midfeild replacement for Marchisio I suggest take a look at Kovacic(Serbian player plays for Inter)or Paul Pogba is the best.
  4. Re: Countering 4-2-3-1 URGENT HELP!!! Thanks I won 2-0 with this. Cheers.
  5. Re: Do you have any idea how to counter 3-5-2 please? The simplest solution use 4-2-3-1 or 4-3-3W if you have even slightly better squad then I bet you will win.
  6. Re: Countering 4-2-3-1 URGENT HELP!!! Thanks man..
  7. Re: Countering 4-2-3-1 URGENT HELP!!! Thanks man looking into it repped...
  8. Re: James Rodriguez - best position/tactics to use for him? Central AM position
  9. Ok If I win this one I go top so I need some help..I will play ManC three days from now away from home..Its a managed team he is using all default instructions with 4-2-3-1 He has avg rating 92 same as me..How should I counter him any ideas???
  10. Re: Counter formations Any body help me with 4-2-2-2 what can I use to counter it?I have a big game coming up against Bayern team has average 93 rating Mine CHelsea has 92 and I am playing at home. I am thinking 4-5-1 defensive..Any ideas?
  11. Re: Counter formations and guide to newcomers.(Colas,Anderson) I would like to add some things 3-5-2 can be beaten by these formations 4-4-2 4-2-3-1(this will definetly beat it) 4-3-3 Wingers 4-4-2 diamond
  12. Re: Tactical Help needed for 4-2-3-1?? Cant anybody help??
  13. Re: New formations/3-3-1-3 Its 3-4-3 I think not 3-3-1-3.
  14. Re: The Asymmetrical 4-3-3 Superbly done on of the best guides on the forum I wanted to ask about the tempo and pressing I am guessing fast and all over..What do you say?
  15. Re: Tactics Help Thread Ok I need some help with 4-3-3 Wingers My squad is the Chelsea one Courtouis Azpi Terry Ivanovic/Cahill Felipe luis/Cole Matic Aguero Oscar Diego Costa Hazard Willian/Shurrle I was thinking of 4-3-3 Wingers any guide help ideas people? Plz explain detail if you can passing style tempo and all that..Thanks
  16. Ok so I got a basic Chelsea squad only addition is Sergio Aguero and no Fabregas. I am trying to play 4-2-3-1 It looks like this ----------------Cech/Courtouis-------------- Ivanovic---Cahill---Terry--------L.Shaw/Azpi --------------Matic----Oscar------------- Willian---------Aguero----------Hazard ---------------D.Costa----------------- I understand we cant use same formation forever but primary formation is something right?I like 4-2-3-1 its balanced and fits all my big players. So for e.g if I want to play Attacking game how should I approach any help regarding tactics/tempo/style etc etc will be highly appreciated..THNX..
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