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  1. I bought a game world how long do you have to wait before you can play in it
  2. Re: The New Players Thread how is Bendtner a 88? SM you need to lower him to around 85, 86 at the highest the guy is awful
  3. Re: My friend has not been sacked (dont play no more) Where do I find this? I read some rules and it said after 15 days...
  4. My friend does not play soccer manager anymore as it don't work on his phone and he got rid of the game but didn't quit his club and he has not been online for 18 days and has not been sacked, when will he be fired? I'm on his friend list as our 2 other people, so is that stopping him from being fired?
  5. I've managed to buy some players on this game but I haven't managed to sell anyone, I've them on the transfer list
  6. Re: How to enter a new league when it's created I've not been around long so I don't know what you mean by this, but when I start a league tonight at 10PM will my first match be 8pm the next day?
  7. Re: How to enter a new league when it's created
  8. Re: How to enter a new league when it's created Fine by me, me and my mate, prefer to play without making signing or if we make signing we only make 3. Prefer to buy players we like rather than the good players.
  9. I want to reserve a team but it says it will only do it for 15 minutes is this true? Or is it until the league starts so I can then be that team, I want to manage a team in one of the newly made leagues
  10. So, today a new league was made at 10 AM, I normally sleep until around 3PM but I decided to wake up to join this league turns out that it got filled before 10 and all 5 leagues of an English league got filled before the time too, how can I join a new league? I would like to join just when it's about to start with my mate
  11. So yesterday I bought Ospina for 9 Million I thought this game was like Football Manager so I payed more than what he is worth, but in my game some guy has signed the likes of Gareth Bale cheaply but just offering players.
  12. I'm new to this game and in one of my worlds this guy has signed like 10 players and I'm not sure how to sign players I've made bids for 3 players but I've not had a message back to say whether I've signed them or not
  13. Hey, so me and my friend both downloaded this game today and it's quite cool to be able to play in the same league but we but are unsure about the game, can we only play one game a day? We can watch a match that has already been played but that was from the previous manager (COM) I lost 4-3 and my mate won 5-0. Can we only play when are matches are on?
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