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  1. Re: TCO92 - Match Previews/Reports, Transfer News & General Nonsense. ehm.. if i dont get him ill get another player just as highly rated 30 mil for robben was a lot In other news' date=' we hijacked a late bid from Burnley for Raul Jimenez that has already been accepted [/size'] Hope he doesnt reject the club
  2. Re: TCO92 - Match Previews/Reports, Transfer News & General Nonsense. Major Major signing expected at Blackpool. More will be revealed tomorrow
  3. Re: Champions League Underdogs Lost to Maribor in the cup yesterday
  4. Re: EC Anno Domini - the invaded‏ The manager on the transfer window: "I'm very delighted with the 13 players we have signed so far. 11 will be our youth team and 2 players will be big stars at the club. Jese Rodriguez and Alvaro Morata are going to be scaring off clubs such as Celtic and Norwich. I'm very pleased to have signed a couple of top youth targets such as Martin Odegaard, Leroy Sane, Kevin Akpoguma, Joachim Andersen, Nico Giesselmann, and our big youth signing along with Odegaard, Federico Bonazzoli. We will look to sell some players and use the funds to sign some more players for the first team Transfers In: SANÈ, Leroy AKPOGUMA, Kevin D ANDERSEN, Joachim CRIALESE, Carlo BONAZZOLI, Federico VINCENSINI, Thomas JESÉ, Rodríguez OBY, Olav MORATA, Álvaro ODEGAARD, Martin GIESSELMANN, Niko MAHONEY, Connor MIJAILOVIĆ, Andrija Spaniards and former Real Madrid teammates Morata and Jese on their move to Derby. Morata: "It's great to have a fellow Spaniard as I switch clubs and move to Derby County. We've been guaranteed 2 spots along the flanks. Hopefully we will sign a Spanish striker in the future aswell. I loved playing with Jese at Real and hopefully we will be just as good here at Derby. ;)" Jese: "I'm very happy with the switch of clubs to Derby. We are very ambitious to move up to Division 1 and challenge the likes of Chelsea, Man City, Roma. The manager has given us our tactical assignments and we will hope to impress. I love the atmosphere and the fans here." Odegaard on his move: Wow. As a 15 year old, it was definitely surprising to have 4 clubs to bid for me! In the end, I signed with Derby and I'm pleased that my old club got 1,800,000 to improve their club and create more talents such as me. The youth team here is very competitive, but I'll be looking forward to scoring against the Big Clubs in the Cup.
  5. Re: TCO92 - Match Previews/Reports, Transfer News & General Nonsense. Alex Telles and Robert Ibanez will be leaving the club shortly, with more players expected to leave, even star player Shaqiri. Alvaro Morata, another one of our star players has announced he loves the club and will stay at Blackpool FC.
  6. Re: From Rags To Riches II - The World Club Version. Young German Internation Jonathan Tah on Valledupar FC's season so far: "It hasn't been a good start so far for us, getting just 1 draw in 3 games. The support from the fans hasn't been great either, with just less than 700 fans coming to home games. Hopefully we will get our first win against Deportes Puerto Montt."
  7. Re: EC Anno Domini - the invaded‏
  8. Re: EC Anno Domini - the invaded‏ After recieving a PM from Noisy that I can apply I went for Derby County. Everyone will be leaving the club except Hughes who will only leave to a managed team Having the 2nd lowest club value in Division 2 we will be parking the bus and wouldnt mind a loan or two. Hope we finish in the top half of the division
  9. Re: Double D Turan and Mirallas available
  10. Re: THE PROTÉGÉ - The Battle for the Big Break Wow what a setup this must have been
  11. Re: EC Anno Domini - the invaded‏ Well it looks like im the reserve, someone better quit early on before the transfer bidding starts lol
  12. Re: EC Anno Domini - the invaded‏
  13. Re: TCO92 - Match Previews/Reports, Transfer News & General Nonsense. 2-0 win over Wigan breaking their like 11 win streak lol.. Put all my top players as starters and it worked with Shaqiri having a great match
  14. Re: Double D 5 straight wins for Norwich after we beat West Ham 2-1. Were clear of the relegation zone and dreaming of a top half finish
  15. Re: Champions League Underdogs 2-2 draw vs Legia Warszaw last night with Bezjak scoring both for Ludogorets which leaves us unbeaten after 3 games
  16. Re: EC Anno Domini - the invaded‏
  17. Re: Champions League Underdogs Agh been on my phone lately so i cant post team of the week really :/ the forums a pain on the phone.. Starting about next week ill have computer access and do thorough team of the week
  18. Re: The Set-Up Would love to join a future version of this gw don't mind what team i get aswell just let me know if you want me in
  19. Re: EC Anno Domini - the invaded‏ Looks like i didnt make the cut then lol, good luck with the setup
  20. Re: EC Anno Domini - the invaded‏ Havent recieved an invite, but interested in a gw with so many good managers
  21. Re: From Rags To Riches II - The World Club Version. Low value club to make it harder but theyre from columbia
  22. Re: Streak to the top 15:00 Kirov-Spartak Yoshkar - Which team will advance? Spartak Yoshkar 18:00 Brondby-Silkeborg - How many goals will be scored? 2 or less 19:45 Norwich-OGC Nice - Will Norwich win? Yes
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    Re: "33K" Nah havent quit and wont quit any more clubs, but decided to quit before i even started, sorry for any trouble i caused if someone was interested in Bayer
  24. Re: From Rags To Riches II - The World Club Version.
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