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  1. Re: Champions League Qualifying Also, remember that there is a 29 player cap. 25 non youth 4 youth players You can include youth in the 25, so you can have 10 youth, 19 non youth in your squad You cant have 29 non youth players
  2. Re: .:10000 bc:. lol i also lost,
  3. Re: Champions League Qualifying Transfer buying so you can play the higher rated players but once you sell em you cant buy them that season
  4. Re: Champions League Qualifying We've got all 10 teams. Make sure to have 8 players from the nationality of your team. Rating cap of 85 ONLY for first season.The gw will probably be created today or tomorrow, its up to chris.sutton, thanks to him for creating my idea and helping along the way to make the gw better organized I'll be doing a Team of the Week every turn most likely, post match reports guys and lets see who can lift the CL Trophy Austria-FC Salzburg Romania-Steaua Bucuresti Poland-Legia Warszawa Scotland-Celtic Czech Republic-Sparta Praha Croatia-Dinamo Zagreb Bulgaria-Ludogorets Razgrad Slovenia-NK Maribor Serbia-FK Partizan Sweden-FC Kobenhavn Wolfy102-Celtic Me-Ludogorets kupest-Sparta Praha chris.sutton-Legia Warszawa VJ11-Dinamo Zagreb muallan-Steua Bucuresti nitemarre-FK Partizan harmesh_KOP-FC Kobenhavn ShaneMcG-NK Maribor Venk.11-FC Salzburg
  5. Re: Can You Bounce Back? Yeah thats what i did, still waiting for bids on some of my players..losing money with all the wages
  6. Re: Champions League Qualifying
  7. Re: Champions League Qualifying
  8. Re: Champions League Qualifying Final Teams, if youre not interested because of the teams, post so we can call in people from the reserve list. Austria-FC Salzburg 110.7 Romania-Steaua Bucuresti 84.6 Poland-Legia Warszawa 75.9 Scotland-Celtic 112.3 Czech Republic-Sparta Praha 94.7 Croatia-Dinamo Zagreb 125.9 and manager has to release players worth about 10m Bulgaria-Ludogorets Razgrad 80.3 Slovenia-NK Maribor 104.4 Serbia-FK Partizan 88.5 FC Kobenhavn 91.4 Just need to hear 1 or 2 opinions..This gw shouldve started already Div 3 APOEL BATE Borisov Sheriff Tiraspol Maccabi Tel-Aviv Slovan Bratislava FK Aktobe FK Ventspils Garabag Agdam HJK Helsinki AaB Aalborg Div 2: Arsenal FC Porto Zenit Bayer Leverkusen Napoli Athletic Club Lille OSC Schalke Standard Liege Besiktas Div 1: Chelsea Manchester City Barcelona Real Madrid Bayern Munich Borussia Dortmund PSG Juventus Liverpool Atletico Madrid Wolfy102-Celtic Me-Ludogorets kupest-Sparta Praha chris.sutton-Legia Warszawa VJ11-Dinamo Zagreb
  9. Re: Champions League Qualifying
  10. Re: TCO92 - Match Previews/Reports, Transfer News & General Nonsense. Borislav Sharapchiev steered Blackpool to victory against Huddersfield Town. Blackpool outclassed Huddersfield Town and beat them 2 - 1 in their Division 4 fixture. Bastón scored a goal and was later voted Man of the Match for his performance. Rafinha was also on the scoresheet for his side. Important win that puts us in 10th place and just 4 pts away from the playoffs:)
  11. Re: Can You Bounce Back? Borislav Sharapchiev steered FC Krasnodar to victory against KRC Genk. FC Krasnodar beat KRC Genk 6 - 2 in a thrilling Division 1 encounter. Ari scored a brace and was later voted Man of the Match for his performance. Jones and Kuranyi were also amongst the goalscorers. Your last fixture had too many players out of position and so your Assistant Manager attempted to pick a better side. lol well it looks like I'll keep more players in position for the next match.
  12. Re: Champions League Qualifying the squads will be full with the values over 60 mil for sure much better than empty squads and 20-30 mil so 10 mil is enough as we will have to sell some players. As for the rating cap, unsure on it atm but ill go with majority
  13. Re: Champions League Qualifying
  14. Re: Champions League Qualifying Or it could be a 1 division gw..with our 10 teams, empty squads.. and you have to win shield cup and the division..though it wont be as hard
  15. Re: Champions League Qualifying
  16. Re: Champions League Qualifying
  17. Re: Champions League Qualifying Well thats 10 pedrooliveira and gozzy will be first on the reserve list if anyone quits. I'll wait for chris.sutton to come online and we will make a decision on when to make it and to see if theres interest for 12 managers. So far' date=' Venk.11-FC Salzburg Myself-Ludogorets Razgrad VJ11-Dinamo Zagreb muallan-Steaua Bucuresti wolfy102-Celtic harmesh_KOP-Sparta Praha kupest-APOEL Nicosia ShaneMcG-Maccabi Tel-Aviv Which leaves these 2 still up for grabs BATE Borisov Sheriff Tiraspol nitemarre and chris.sutton both said any club will do so i guess they can pick BATE or Sheriff lol
  18. Re: Can You Bounce Back? Krasnodar have brought in Giandomenico Mesto Ruben Cani Pierre Webo Kevin Kuranyi Accepted bid for Jermaine Jones and Hugo Almeida As well as promising youngsters: Luke Shaw Daniel Carvajal And our top signing, who will most likely get concerns for being on the bench too long : James Rodriguez
  19. Re: Champions League Qualifying New update: We've got 9 managers with ShaneMcG and harmesh_KOP expressing interest, not sure if Pedrooliveira is interested still. Anyways, looks like the gw will likely start soon, so add chris.sutton 's soccermanager account in the game. his is Sincil.Imp and mine is bsharapchiev1 so add both of us
  20. Re: Champions League Qualifying
  21. Re: Champions League Qualifying Wolfy called Celtic first ;) but you guys sort it out i guess we're gonne be picking the clubs, Id like to take over Ludogorets Razgrad finally get to manage a Bulgarian team. It looks like majority is adding a 4th Div aswell. 6 managers interested so far. plus pedrooliveira who im guessing is interested aswell so 7. Just 3 spots open.
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  23. Re: TCO92 - Match Previews/Reports, Transfer News & General Nonsense. Ivaylo Chochev, one of the 2 players that I signed since becoming Blackpool manager gets a rating rise up to 80 already
  24. Re: .:10000 bc:. Hoping PSG pull it off against Schalke anything can happen, Valencia are in it aswell
  25. Re: Can You Bounce Back? Borislav Sharapchiev steered FC Krasnodar to victory against Mlada Boleslav. FC Krasnodar beat Mlada Boleslav 5 - 2 in a thrilling Friendly encounter. Joãozinho scored a goal and was later voted Man of the Match for his performance. Mamaev and Bystrov were also amongst the goalscorers. Yet another friendly win, until we start losing Lots of bidding for players ive never seen anyone bid for in other gw's
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