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  1. Re: Yesterday's matches!!!! I've been playing SM for around 2 years now and never seen this, hopefully it's something easily fixed??
  2. Yesterday's matches!!!! In a couple of my gameworlds, last nights fixtures are still to be played.... I have seen a couple of comments so far regarding this but surely someone from SM can explain what is going on here....
  3. Re: The Iron Curtain - Season 20 with Legia Warszawa in WC818 I know you said the tactics would stay roughly the same all the way through and you would go between 3 formations. Any chance you could post a few screens of some of the different combinations and the stats to go with it. Superb post by the way and what a way to win it!!!! Interesting that you have had similar success in other gameworlds with these tactics. Would be good to see final league tables of them as well if you could?
  4. Re: Community Tactic 136 post views and only 6 people voted suggests to me this isn't worth pursuing. Genuinely thought there would have been some appetite for this but clearly not. Based on that I wont be taking this any further.
  5. Re: The Progress Championship Hi, I wouldn't mind having a go at this. Tried to send edmoses a private message but it wouldn't allow me hence why I am posting here. If Standard Liege are still available I'll take it...
  6. Hi, thought I would give this a try. The idea is to come up with an SM community driven tactic. Within each of my upcoming posts I will list each option available for picking tactics in a poll and in the end will have our finalised community tactic. I will then post up my results with it. First will start with formation..... I have chosen a selection of formations for the poll I tend to use in my games as well as ones I believe to be popular from the SM community. If I have missed one you would like to choose then reply to this post with it and I will take it into account with the poll answers.
  7. Hey, thought I would give this a try. The idea is to come up with an SM community driven tactic. Each post I will list each option available for picking tactics and in the end will have our finalised community tactic. I will then post up my results with it. First will start with formation..... 4-4-2 4-3-3 4-5-1 3-4-3 3-5-2 3-3-4 5-4-1 5-3-2 5-2-3 4-4-2 Diamond 4-3-3 Wingers 4-5-1 Defensive 4-2-3-1 4-3-2-1 4-4-1-1 4-3-1-2 3-4-1-2 5-3-2 Sweeper 5-3-2 Defensive 4-2-4 4-2-2-2 3-4-2-1 4-1-3-2 3-2-2-2-1
  8. Re: Best formation for Chelsea Play 4-5-1. Slow tempo, short passing everything else normal/mixed. Tick offside, playmaker (make him man behind striker), men behind ball and tight marking. Boss the midfield and win 2-0:)
  9. Re: Should I sell Mandzukic (92)? Selling Rakitic was very hard to do but unless SM sort something out with stadiums/attendances then selling my best players to stay afloat is my only real option along with buying young cheap players in the hope they one day become the next world stars.
  10. I will try and keep this short. I manage an Aberdeen side and have built a very good team, however running out of money at an epic rate. If I don't keep selling players then I will go into debt and then never be able to get out of it? What I am doing now is selling older players for younger cheaper players who have a great chance of rising. Sold Rakitic (92) and bought Draxler (90) and made £4 or £5 million. Been offered £16.5 million for Mandzukic. Should I take it, and if so who do I replace him with? Was thinking possibly Schurrle which again would give me some more cash but I'm really not sure. Any ideas???
  11. DaBla27


    I have an issue with the attendances in the game and wandering if anyone can shed any light? I am currently the manager of an Aberdeen side in a Scottish Championship and have built my side up quite a bit. I am coming to the end of my 3rd season and looking to finish 2nd for the 3rd straight season. I now have players such as Modric, Mandzukic, Varana, Pepe and Rakitic at my disposal and have an average starting XI that's rated 91. Obviously with this I also have a massive wage bill. £750,000 to be precise. I am losing money every week, and one main contributory factor is my unjustifiably poor attendances not giving me the needed cash to fund the squad I now have. For example, I recently played Celtic at home, who are flying high in the league. As mentioned, I am gunning for 2nd spot and my home attendance for that match was in the region of 12,000 (Capacity: 22,000) Now I know for a fact being a real life Aberdeen supporter that no matter how the team was performing, we always take a healthy crowd at home against either Celtic or Rangers, in the regions of 16,000. In my game I also recently just qualified for the Champions League Semi Final where I beat Man Utd in the 2nd leg at home in the Quarters, taking in a crowd of 18,000. This should be a full house all day. Interestingly though, every single home game against Dundee Utd in my game brings a full house....but playing Man Utd in the Champions League my attendance falls 4000 short of that. All of this makes no sense what so ever. I am assuming this is something that is common across a number of SM games. I am half hoping that someone from SM could possibly comment or if someone else can shed any light on this?
  12. Re: James Rodriguez - best position/tactics to use for him? Just because he is called James Rodriguez in the game, I wouldn't get myself hung up on that. All you need to concern yourself with is the fact he is a 91 AM(RLC), F(RL). Doesn't matter who he is, the game just sees this stat. He would perform just aswell as any other 91 AM(RLC), F(RL). If it were me, if he was my strongest attacking midfielder I would play him through the middle, if not, stick him on a wing.
  13. Re: 4-3-3 Wingers - Playmaker
  14. When setting up with the 4-3-3 Wingers formation, which position is best to assign the playmaker to?
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